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Clothcrafting +1

Guess what i got =D!!!!!!!!

I can Crit Heals!

LOL…. E-PEEEEEEN post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (whm version =D) and i know what’re u thinking about, and nope, no divine seal involved either =)

The End of Aht Urhgan Missions! (late late post)

This is an over due post ………….so over due lol Aht Urhgan Mission 42: Path of Darkness President Naja and her evil evil evil missions. we had the most trouble w/ this mission. apparent we started doing the last few remaining quest just after the update. at that time there wasnt a lot of info […]

About Sakurakun

About Sakurakun

Hi guys! I’m sakura ^_^. my favorite jobs are WHM, BST and BRD. i’m full time WHM for DuckHUNT LS, Frypan Dynamis and Lagsave events and BRD or WHM for meriting purposes. i’ve been playing since late May 2006 and i cant believe i came from a long way from being a noobie whm taru. […]

The Myth of Sea – Temperance Torque

Torque drops from sea are extremely rare @_@; last time annnnnnnnny torque dropped was like 8 months ago for DH……….. (that was temp torque too) Unfortunately the temperance torque isnt the most prized torque among all the sea torques for the dds, but it is THE best neck piece for BRDs and BSTs!!! two of […]