About Sakurakun

Hi guys! I’m sakura ^_^. my favorite jobs are WHM, BST and BRD. i’m full time WHM for DuckHUNT LS, Frypan Dynamis and Lagsave events and BRD or WHM for meriting purposes. i’ve been playing since late May 2006 and i cant believe i came from a long way from being a noobie whm taru.

I’m usually playing the other jobs for farming purposes, but now i’m in the process of lvling some of my other dd jobs like sam, war, etc. sometimes it get boring sitting in the back doing nothing ‘.’ –so i tried to diversify my jobs as best i can.

i’m also aspiring to be a lvl 100 clothcrafter!! i’m like halfway there, but i still have a long way to go. my dream is craft my own signed aristocrat’s tunic for myself ^_^ (and make more gil =D).

Likes: Ginger Cookies!! **drool**
Disklikes: punting GALKAS {/fume}, mobs who have long long necks….

cc and me are like two tarutaru fwens joined
by the hips ^_^. we’re always hugging each
other =P. we’re whm twins ^_^


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  1. Ciermel says:

    i wuv my bestest gurlfwen talu, Chachu ^^


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