The Myth of Sea – Temperance Torque

Torque drops from sea are extremely rare @_@;

last time annnnnnnnny torque dropped was like 8 months ago for DH………..
(that was temp torque too)

Unfortunately the temperance torque isnt the most prized torque among all the sea torques for the dds, but it is THE best neck piece for BRDs and BSTs!!! two of my favorite jobs =D!!!

This little gem cost 25 DH points @_@;;

well i guess i have 2 extra CHR for my BRD and BST. it’s gonna replace this cheap piece:

which cost 2k on AH atm….

which u can buy off the AH!!!

Pimped out BRD and BST now @_@!!!!!!! {/rawr}

5 Responses to “The Myth of Sea – Temperance Torque”

  1. Jowah says:

    Isn’t wind torque better ? ;; Personally I like skill more than CHR.
    It’s really a huge chr boos but whatever D;!

  2. Ciermel says:

    grats chachu, u deserve it ^^

    I do want the next torque that drops :)

  3. Jackalman says:

    Very nice. ^^ Remember, “shit is situational”. I personally like Wind/String Torques (yes, I use Stringed Instruments for certain things — respective torques are macroed in), but I can see the Temperance Torque being useful on occastion. Certainly the Bird Whistle is useless compared to Wind/String Torques, but I keep mine anyway for lelvel-capped stuff.

    There are so few skill items that it’s generally a good idea to wear as many as you can and get your CHR elsewhere so you can have the best of both worlds. Soemthing like the Temperance Torque is good if you need to pile on tons and tons of CHR, but otherwise, keep your skill gear handy.

  4. Sakurakun says:

    i really dont know which is better to have. i thought it was similar to the calculation for determine

    Curing potency = MND + (Healing Skills)/3 + (some other stuff) — with a limit cap per each cure lvl

    so i was i was thinking it was similar to song potency?!? but i’m guessing it’s

    Potency == CHR + (Wind Skills)/X + (string Skills)/Y

    me personal i like to have more CHR. my BRD is very CHR heavy (Base tarutaru CHR + 66 now). mostly because i dont want to spend 1k each time when i want to pull out my BRD AF pants and second i dont have room for my brd AF set in my inventory (i have 7 75s jobs and a 8th coming along @_@). the only gear that i have that have any kind of skills is my brd afv2 pillow =D. but i balance it out by max meriting my brd’s skills. i dont have much of a problem sleep great colibris, but i’ll admit there are some times when i cannot sleep a birdy (i gonna blame it on the element of the day). but the effectiveness and duration of lullaby is pretty good for me.

    Other good reason for getting this is because of my BST. i when i like go solo or skill up a weapon, i will always use BST or /BST. BST’s ability to charm is directly dependent on CHR gear. i dont remember how much CHR i have on my BST, but it’s pretty much up there. i usually charm up EM korrigans and T crabbies the The Boyahda Tree with ease. I would like to try VT mobs in the Mamool Ja Staging Point to see how well i do exping w/ them =D!!

    btw, i bet u guys never seen a whm/bst or brd/bst solo a EM or T crabbie with ease =D!!

    but thanks guys =D

  5. Maiev says:


    Just play the game :/ Use menus to cast, 16 pieces of gear to run around and that’s it…


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