The End of Aht Urhgan Missions! (late late post)

This is an over due post ………….so over due lol

Aht Urhgan Mission 42: Path of Darkness

President Naja and her evil evil evil missions. we had the most trouble w/ this mission. apparent we started doing the last few remaining quest just after the update. at that time there wasnt a lot of info on pt setup on how to beat these missions. so we tried to figure most of it out on our own.

meh…truthful, we failed this missions more time than i could count on my fingers. we had a lot of trial and error before we finally knew what to do. we had so much trouble trying to get pass the first set of gears while trying to keep Naja alive (that darn mithra!!). apparently having a good bard was one of the main points in this mission. if the gears couldnt be slept or knited around, you’ll fail. on the first set of gears, i manage to slept all the gears perfectly. and whatever gears resisted, i knited them around till i could. i also had ravy go blm/nin so she could keep the BLU slept until we were done killing the gears. apparently having ravy on blm/whm wasnt as great because of the recast time of stoneskin and interruptions. also another important factor is voke. voke was needed to keep the gears off that stupid mithra naja >_>! Apparently PLDs are an important factor too! Nin’s utsui always got wiped from AoE attacks and their shadows just were worthless…. so PLDs are the better choice for this mission.

eventually the final setup that won it for it was:
whm/smn (cc), blm/nin (ravy), brd/nin (me), rng/nin (jing), war/nin (sibe), pld/war (hk)

we won it without any deaths…i couldnt believe it took us that long to win it…

Aht Urhgan Mission 44: Nashmeira’s Plea

ooh this was the easier of the two for us….we won it 1/2 on our second try.

Raubahn (Blue Mage)

The BLU nm was pretty hard because MP was always an issue. Apparently we needed all the mages to go sub /whm just for all the extra healing power. and the dd’s setup was just the same. We had ravy, cc, and me nuke it on the first stage. then we had jing, sibe and hk kill it on the second stage. this would make the last stage immune to both physical and magical attack.

Razfahd (Iron Colossus Armor)

he’s a wimp, if u cant beat him u better quit ffxi.


what a {Bio}tch!!! we had sibe and hk dual tank it while jing shot it from a distance. Alexandor has some nasty AoE attacks…especially like Divine Judgment and Gospel of the Lost that took away 1k HP………crazy!! and it was a pretty big big AoE range. hk and sibe slowly tank it all the way to the end. they just voke it off each other when the other was low on HP. jing…idk what he was doing, maybe he was shooting it from a distance lol.

but at the 5 minute warning, we whipped to one of those 1k AoE attack. and we had very little time to recover, but we all rushed back in after being reraised and tried whatever we could do to kill it. I forgot what percentage we whipped, but it was probably around 8% maybe? and we just threw every thing had at it. everyone 2hr and killed like crazy. we manage to win at the 30 sec marker…. @_@. that was really cutting it close…..

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