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Stun, Gravity and Binds!

Mastering in Stun, Gravity and Binds! “You must not fight with the same enemy for too long, or you’ll teach him everything about the art of PvP” One of the most exciting thing about WoW is the World PvP. You aren’t fighting AI’s, but real people. AI’s are program by human, and can only be […]

Parrying Againz & Mannequin Collection!

First of all, Starcraft II is announced :) You can find the rest of the story right now with Update: Blizzard’s official website. Damn its soo cool!!! Next thing is Happy Birthday to Farkee ;) Age +1 & Coolness +1! So lets begin, crushing 2 weeks worth of posting into one. Yes, I […]

Galka Boots and Some Parrying Action!

I beat this one in.. 1993? 14 years after I play the game. Surprisingly, some of the puzzle was still up in my mind, meaning I still have a rough idea of how to solve it :O Anyhow, some “screenshot of my DS” with my DC :O Oh yea :o Rora was playing Zelda with […]

Sea, Missions, 3ds and Duo’s!

Mini FFXI Updates. Not too much into productivity. Farming Organs, farming LB paper.. Limbo.. typical routine. CoP again ^_^ for Sakurakun~ Jeuno’s pretty nice heh, I always liked this battlefield. Too bad no BCNM is in it :) rofl ^^. When I’m bored… I just goto check server log and see what people’s querying to […]

Istari’s Love along with a GuessWho Merge!

Istari’s Love along with a GuessWho Merge!

Merging Hearts The screenshot says it all… bard stalker x_x that goes to the extreme. I was afking @ Whitegate and ugh… afking unattended could be a bad thing… you’d understand why by watching the video below… btw its my 1st time wearing such girly clothes… just to spite Istari :o! but I took it […]