Zelda: Phantom Hourglass… freaking good!

Zelda Phantom Hourglass – Mai Recording

Playing Zelda on DS

Yea man.. something to play while waiting for the FFXI-expansion.. and hope its good too…

First impression about Zelda – Phantom Hourglass on DS was.. I thought the touch screen was there to just jot notes, but you literally play the whole game with the touch screen… from walking to swinging your sword… down to… how to direct your boomerang!

Here’s a typical gameplay! The top is always a map.. but the bottom is where you interact! & here’s a short clip I took… and damn, holding up the DS is quite hard while I record it lul… its errr… one of the cut scenes I find pretty funny xD

The difference between the other series and this one is… yes the puzzle is easier, if you were to play it with a gamepad that is but… you got to do it all with the pen now, so you gotta also master your pen. The story is pretty amazing, and all those puzzles are very new concept! Nothing like you’ve seen before… at least the last one that I played (The Minish Cap). Actually I have 5 “Hearts” now, and I have never touch a single button…

Also, the dungeon is difficult because now there’s a timer now. Some dungeons will suck life out of you, but the “Phantom Hourglass” will avoid your life being sucked… for only a limited amount of time… meaning, you must complete all puzzles within a certain time limit! Of course =P When you exit the dungeon, everything resets, so is the timer on the glass.

Puzzles are dramatically different… like for one of them… I had to errr…. try to figure out what those 4 pillars for… I ended up connecting lines and tata!

So yea.. kinda what I’ve been doing :D Go get DS and play zomg! There are much more amazingly hard puzzles but I should stop writing :D before I spoil the game :)) Play it without a game guide, its better for this one =P

OMG… Registering your Zelda: Phantom of Hourglass gives you a freaking cool feather-like “Plastic Stylus”! *vroom, go register my Zelda, and yea i actually bought the real thing xD*

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