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Experience World of Warcraft in FFXI! (FFXI vs WoW)

Majeev 70 Hunter on Gurubashi PvP Nooo its not bragging about my 1337 equipment! This is a review from a FFXI player about their WoW experience, in FFXI language! I ding 70 around two weeks ago~ I was just um.. doing all sorts of stuff and busy with life so… didn’t really had the time […]

Alliance or Horde?! (/w Humor)

I was talking to Takalo, a taru who used to play FFXI, then WoW but… he only DotA’s now. We came across class talks, dps (Damage-Dealers) builds and then later, why he pick alliance. Here’s a few reasons we think people play alliance or Horde. Alliance People who are kind and gentle in real life […]

WoW Difference – Part 2

Yep, I’ve been playing it for over a month now. Although its still not a long enough period to make any solid conclusion about both of these MMO, but there are stuff worth pointing out! Last time was about UI’s and game mechanics (well a little bit). This time its more about the difference between […]

WoWin it Away!

I just haven’t been able to find some “free” time to write something good. I login do my daily parry skillup, logout to WoW till events, login and do events, and logout for WoW. I do have contents to write, I just don’t have the time to ._., I wish there was something that plugs […]

For the Horde! FFXI and WoW Crossworld!

� vs ?! Mm.. Wings of the Goddess? the Burning Crusade? FFXI and WoW never get along together. Even I myself, hated WoW but why? Accomplishment we made in FFXI cannot be carried over to WoW. We love what we have in FFXI, hence judging WoW simply because “I like this so I’m going to […]