Alliance or Horde?! (/w Humor)

I was talking to Takalo, a taru who used to play FFXI, then WoW but… he only DotA’s now. We came across class talks, dps (Damage-Dealers) builds and then later, why he pick alliance. Here’s a few reasons we think people play alliance or Horde.


  • People who are kind and gentle in real life generally perceived themselves as god guys, hence want to be on the good side
  • People who just wants to have pretty or cool looking characters. (Gnomes are like Tarus)
  • Its easier to learn as alliance, since stuff resembles real-life structures and buildings. When you walk into a food shop, you’re bound to find vendor that sells food there. (kinda like learning how to play Zerg vs Terran)
  • Pre-Burning Crusade, the Horde had ugly characters, well imo at least, so it wasn’t attracting females.


  • People who played for the desire to own because of attractive racial trait (its like Tarus have extra MP, Galka have more STR, same thing exists in WoW)
  • People who wants to be something different (because most other MMO, they are the good guys, just like FFXI)

Of course both share some properties, such as “I pick Alliance because my friends are there”, but what’s important is why YOUR friend choose their respective faction.
If you’re just a casual gamer, you’d pick based on your preference, but if you were a hardcore gamer who desires to own others, or just love the feeling of ownage, you’d pick Horde simply because of their racial trait that’s offered. Orc’s anti-stun and pet strength, Taruen’s stomp and HP, Troll’s berserk and Undead’s Will of Forsaken, simply just owns stuff like Night Elves’ “faster walk speed while dead” or their “nerfed Invisibility”.

Honestly, if allies have nice racial trait, I’d play that but… Escape Artist and +5 to Engineering simply don’t attract me :< for someone who desires to own in PvP. I only play allies because friends are there, but basically that’s it.

That was just the conclusion me and Takalo came up with. Takalo is doing fine hehe :)

I ask the same question to Connie… she’d pick Ally simply because of its looks, and only because of looks :o So yeh ‘.’ I think the faction itself tends to attract a specific type of players, and that’s bad, because then you aren’t equally spreading the players, skillful and casual equally among both faction, which creates the whole image of “Horde owns Alliance most of the time” image.

If you were to play WoW, what would you pick?

Btw, if you don’t know what WoW’s about, here’s one of the Simpson Episode that kinda laughs at WoW, its pretty funny haha! Enjoy ;). Treat it like watching an episode of Simpsons ;)

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