WoWin it Away!

I just haven’t been able to find some “free” time to write something good. I login do my daily parry skillup, logout to WoW till events, login and do events, and logout for WoW.

I do have contents to write, I just don’t have the time to ._., I wish there was something that plugs into your brain and just write out what the brain is thinking.

Ding 40 (2hrs ago)! Personal Mount ;) (kinda like Chocobo Whistle!) But I can use it anywhere including cities (inside Jeuno) :) and summons with MP (not like once per day) ^^;

WoW needs a one-week maintenance so I have time to write =P I can still able to balance both FFXI and WoW, hoping to provide a fair judgment in the end ‘.’/ I also got an end-game guild lined-up :o (No intention to play end-game but was offered ‘.’). So its going to be a full review from both the casual gamer point of view and end-game :) Looking forward to WoW’s end-game (Arena PvP, Battleground, Raids!)

Btw. my WoW chracters ;0, the ugly 40 Undead on the Gurubashi PvP server, and the cutie 18 Gnome (Taru) on Nazjatar PvP server. Both are mages (same as FFXI’s blm), but one mastering Fire/Arcane, and one doing PvP Frost setups :)

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