For the Horde! FFXI and WoW Crossworld!

Wings of the Goddess Logo, FFXI, Banner� vs The Burning Crusade, WoW, Banner?!

Mm.. Wings of the Goddess? the Burning Crusade? FFXI and WoW never get along together. Even I myself, hated WoW but why? Accomplishment we made in FFXI cannot be carried over to WoW. We love what we have in FFXI, hence judging WoW simply because “I like this so I’m going to hate that”. If you haven’t tried Indian food before, how can you judge they are bad?

There’s no doubt how much I love my character, but the fact is FFXI only offers challenge in the PvE (Player vs Environment) aspect. AI’s programmed by human, the abilities that each mobs can use are all set in stone. Fafnir’s abilities do not deviate from the few stuff like breath, wing, horror. Its like beating AI in StarCraft, do you feel honored? What about Warcraft III? The way how AI works in WC3 is they mine 2x gold than you. No one goes around saying I beat computer because we all know AI will always be AI, programmed by human. When Square design mobs, they make sure there’s a strategy for it. Therefore in a game of PvE, the only skillful part is figuring out the strategy. Once the strategy is revealed, it would be like a Fafnir fight.

Therefore, I started playing World of Warcraft as well. I slap it on this blog because I plan to write about the differences between two games. Since most of you probably won’t see the World of Warcraft, so I thought it would be some interesting read to see what’s really being offered between Square and Blizzard.

I’m NOT quitting FFXI to go play WoW, I simply play both.

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Maiev now in WoW!

For the Horde!

To start off an even comparison, I picked a mage. I play mage in FFXI, so to really even the comparison field, I picked mage again for WoW. She’s bitch ugly. You want to vomit when you see her! Its quite a big difference.

When you create your character, you see there are many selections! The 5 properties below are what makes you unique. There’s like 6-10 choices per customization, so chances of seeing the same copy as you is like lower than .01%. FFXI races have Galkas, Tarus, Hume etc. WoW got 5 races on each side, with the bottom 2 greyed out because I haven’t bought the expansion yet (not until I’m 50). Race matters in both games. Galkas gets more STR but Taru gets more MP. WoW have racial differences too. Such as Tauren gets HP bonus, Undead gets underwater breathing (yes, you can swim in WoW) and immune to certain spell such as fear (equilvalent to terror in FFXI).

Differences in WoW is, you must pick your job (they call it class in WoW). This means equipment you use for one class cannot be traded to another character. Can’t recycle your rare/ex Ridill sorry =P This might be the down side, my l33t parrying skills won’t carry over, but no worries, you also don’t have to deal with job changing and equipment. They follow your character. They make stuff rare/ex (In wow, its call Bind on Pickup (BoP), Bind on Equip (BoE))! If someone rape your ass on your lowbie job, you can instantly logout your lowbie job, login your high level job and rape them. Hate Quarking? Well kill them as well.

Although being unique is cool, but sometimes its easier to address someone based on their model. Its like oh you know that Maiev? the one with Terrycova’s model? That’s the thing I’m talking about. I kind of like that kind of identity too. Afterall, when you put on clothes, most of that is covered up so honestly I wouldn’t mind a FFXI character system, but I can see people complain not having a wide selection so whatever.

World of Warcraft's Addon Screen, FFXI to WoW Comparison

WoW Addon Screen!


People in Final Fantasy are so paranoid about 3rd party and addons. I can see why, PS2 players and Xbox cannot use addons, so you having extra stuff is consider gaining an advantage. Honestly though, FFXI is a PvE environment, does it really matter I can see your TP? Its not like PvP where I can see your TP and run away when you WS so you looses your TP. The only thing we do in PT’s are WS when there’s 100TP anyway.

Blizzard takes another approach. They encourage people to write add-ons, to make the MMORPG even more simple. There’s addons (or plugins) that sends data to the famous Thottbot, that tells you where monster die. So when you need to kill a monster from a quest, Thottbot have all that data. Blizzard loves addons, there’s even an add-on button when you login (can see from my character selection screen, bottom left). This is 2007, computer are powerful machines, so lets not play low-tech here.

FFXI, you spend most of your time just to make life more efficient. I like to be efficient, so therefore I can spend “more time” analyzing the battle environment and react responsively. Pressing Cure then pressing Cure Equipment macro is not efficient, hence we use Windower macros. Wow is different, instead of forcing the player to play efficiently, they give you tools, allow you to write tools to BE efficient, so more time is spent to think of strategy / respond to people’s action.

You know all those good stuff we use for FFXI? Mapmon, Logmon, ZeroCast, Tparty, Drawdistace, Parser Windower? Most of these are already built into WoW by Blizzard.

World of Warcraft's User Interface, FFXI to WoW Comparison

The Interface in World of Warcraft!

Here’s the stuff that’s built in, just the User Interface of WoW comparing to FFXI.

Rather than making you to be efficient, Blizzard focuses on making you skillful in response, thinking and formulating strategy in a short amount of time where as FFXI simply focus on making good macros and your researching skills. FFXI’s stuff is so slow, there’s literally no skill involved in responses. Everything is fast in WoW, reaction and thinking quickly is actually a skill.

Going to take my time to write the difference bit by bit, but if you want to know more about WoW, you should ask those that plays WoW. Etain, Mirith, Talisien and Strawberrie are one of the few bloggers. No worries, I still have goals in FFXI, cap parrying and go PvP!

13 Responses to “For the Horde! FFXI and WoW Crossworld!”

  1. Jowah says:

    I just dont like wow since it’s alot pvp oriented…….I dont like pvp. I always sucked in pvp and I dont have any interest about it.
    Thet’s why you will NEVER see me doing ballista or those kind of areas.
    People become mad while be able to mpk, I can be happy without it…….

  2. raidenn says:

    I played WOW a bit maybe 2 years ago, PVP servers are nerve wracking… Always an unfair advantage with rogues who can disappear and kill you in a few hits. Kinda rough trying to finish a quest.

  3. Etain says:

    You’re going to make me log back in and start farming for my mount again. :3 I haven’t logged to WoW in a few weeks with business in RL and FFXI, and then there is the crack that is Pokemon Pearl (yes, sadly, I gotta catch em all…). :(

  4. Calaera says:

    I would try out WoW, but something that makes me wary is the playerbase. I hear FFXI’s playerbase is reasonably tame/friendly vs. that of other games (especially WoW). If its not as bad as people say it is on WoW, I might give it a try if I have enough money. D;

  5. Strawberrie says:

    I’m loving this post, seeing as how I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer go “eew, it’s different, so it’s bad” when looking at WoW and FFXI. I doubt you will change many people’s minds about it, seeing as how most hardcore FFXIers are set in their ways, but for the rest of us, it’s very entertaining.

    There are many things that WoW does better, and you did a great job outlining them. I just still lament the lack of Priest on Gnomes, and that you CAN’T go and “recyle your Ridill”. I hate making a new character every time I want to test out a new job. :(

    And Jowah, I am exactly like you. I don’t play on a PVP server, I would get too frustrated. However, I do enjoy popping a random low level moron that’s forgot to turn his PVP flag off in STV. :P

  6. Reiginsei says:

    Its a great topic this, good job!

    Its funny how WoW players see FFXI players as so zealous. I dont really know where this came from. I think t may be that as WoW is such a mass market success, it reaches the “casual” players (gad I hate that term) less likley to obsess over a virtual world. Anyway.

    I would never state that FFXI is better than WoW so blankly. I simply prefer it 100% The thing that binds me above all to FFXI over WoW (besides gameplay mechanics) is the fact that Vanadiel feels.. real. It has a solid history. Its locations make geographical sence, affected by so many catastrophes. You see the scars when you walk through areas to another. Everything is there for a reason. Aside from Porrogo’s.

    I get the feeling always, that Vanadiel existed before the servers went life. We were just warped from our real world to visit this alternate place. Its quite a nice feeling ^^

    Verisimilitude. Suspension of disbelief. Works wonders when dealing with fiction lol.

    WoW for some reason never got me hooked in. I never felt like it was authentic and beleivable. The references to other workd of fiction/irl topics is a little corny to my sence of humor too.

  7. Maiev says:

    Wow seems like this is some interesting topic to write :) but honestly WoW’s great in a different aspect ^^; I have to agree.

    and again I’m Berrie’s follower again :( at first its blog now video game lol :)

  8. Jayashaya says:

    where is the pic of my seggsi orc wtfpwnage?

  9. Smokermankiller says:

    Im a long time FFXI player and i reside on Odin. I’ve never played wow but i know plenty of people who do. In my humble opinion, id like to see square make areas that are pvp. It would be even juicier if NMs popped here that dropped some uber haste gear or multi attack weapons that would make the speed of battles something more like wow. You and your ls buddys would try to fight everyone off to get claim on the NM. I think if this were to happen, wow comparisons would become a thing of the past. And besides, when you consider the time it takes do devolop an FFXI character, dont we deserve to at least fight each other over some gear to speed things up?

  10. Ilir says:

    Well well well .. looky what we have hereeeeeeeee … I know you all remember me .. esp you jeff! Anyways .. switching over from wow FFXI to WoW might have been the best thing i ever did .. PVP and PVE same time = amazing .. stop hating on PvP just because you are teh suck at it … improve at it maybe ? practice? no one is superman once they step foot on battlegrounds in wow till they’ve played a while .. its quite simple actually .. when you first did HNM’s were you god? Exactly .. if you put the time in .. theres no reason you wouldnt be good … I play a rogue .. yes im hated by everyone on server lol .. rogue is ridiculously fun .. i play a 70 orc shaman to .. both decked out gear in PVP and PVE world play … all in all .. WoW shits on FFXi hands down sorry … cant even put the 2 in same category.

    P.S. Maiev x-fer over to my server with whoever you are playing with! If your’e on a PVE server your gay! I will post video’s for you all to observe since maiev is noob

    Yours truly
    old school Fenrir Thief
    Ilir =)

  11. Maiev says:

    =P I’m on a Pvp server sorry :) PvE are for you :)

  12. Ilir says:

    maiev you giant noob im on a harcore pvp server .. ima keeel juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lol


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