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Final Fantasy – Piano Collections

Yay! after hearing great news that the new Final Fantasy Piano Collection would include a free ingame bonus item, a harpsichord, ciermel and me decided to purchase it!! we had to purchase it from the JP playonline site, but now it’s available on the US playonline site for any of u guys who’re still interested. […]

Sig Tags by Ciermel

my new sig tag ^_^! i absolutely love it! it was made by cc of course !! i wished i was as talented with making sig tags. best of all ciermel put herself in the box with the phraze “Friendship comes in small packages” ^_^ soo cute!!

Yuukino and Balmoral’s Weddings a More!

Congrats on Ciermel for being an excellent host for Balmoral and Yuukino’s wedding!! we all took out our summer festival attire for the wedding ^_^ it was all ciermel’s idea. dont we all look cute =D there’s the two couple. Yuukino is the one in white and balmoral is the little taru smn =D after […]

The Long Wait on Update @_@!!

So we began where we last left on our WOTG missions… @_@! we kind of strayed for a while since we finished off Sandy’s missions. That’s Afuce on the right, he just tagged along in cased i arggoed everything… (the count was only 5!! …or 8 cc??) ohhh my, a dead hume on our front […]

Novia for Ciermel!

woot!! cc got the winning lot for novia earring from JoL !! CongratsssS!!!! (me wanna borrow it ^_^!!) cc is a pimp blm!! look at those matching novio/a!! btw we’ve been getting better at killing JoL with really little deaths as possible. and we seem to cut down our time by like 2/3. so that’s […]