Final Fantasy – Piano Collections

Yay! after hearing great news that the new Final Fantasy Piano Collection would include a free ingame bonus item, a harpsichord, ciermel and me decided to purchase it!! we had to purchase it from the JP playonline site, but now it’s available on the US playonline site for any of u guys who’re still interested. The Harpsichord is still available till 9/30/08 ^_^.

aww the goblin is tryin to play moon night sonata =P

i just got my copy a few days ago ^_^. i was so happy to put this in my mh! it looks so lovely!!

plus it gives 4 storage! too bad it wasnt customized to the player’s nation =((

look at Aene going crazy on the piano!! i didnt know she was so talented! and look at me going crazy with the peddles!! lol

ps. that’s not my mh, but i wished it was =((


Part II

Ciermel’s new hat looks funny. funny as like it remind me of something…

and this this pic…

the resemblance is uncanny!!


lol…btw, i’m not junior ciermel =P

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