Category : XI Video Production

Attending a Wedding…

Its a pity I never went to Takalo’s Wedding, but neverthelss I got invited to DonCaprix and Tellybug’s Wedding ceremony. Its great rofl! We had the groom getting pissed off during the wedding, we had wedding crashers, and numerous lol moments. We had a blast and I’m sure Don and Telly did too ^_^ Here’s […]

78sec Kirin by DuckHUNT

Kirin Getting better and better! Last time was roughly 150 seconds, now its cut by half! Its amazing what merits can do ‘-‘. Allow people to kill Kirin in a totally different aspect. Below is one of the Kirin vids I did 2 years ago :3 Weird Ducks On the other hand… ducks’ pretty weird […]

Parrying my Samurai up to 75!

New Category… Call Baby Samurai~ Just to keep everything related to my Samurai progress in ‘-‘. I think my next goal is to cap Parrying Skill. I really see that not being impossible, but takes ages. Its kinda like Goldsmithing but if you have the heart to do something, you’d get it :) So to […]

[Video] DuckHUNT 1st Zerging Kirin!

Zerging… Well not exactly, but 22 duckies versus Kirin :) Very smooth hehehe! I’d put so much pressure in this fight, so much crap, forces ducks to read the forum… I felt bad :( But in the end it all worked out very well :) When we pop our 1st Kirin, I felt bad :( […]

Soloed Khimaira 13, Salvage and Kirin!

Khimaira 13 / Genbu Yup, nuffin to do so I put together my Khimaira 13 vids along with some fun a few of us had with Genbu ^^; We don’t bring an army to sky ‘-‘ So here it is ^^; The Khimaira 13 (ToAU mission fight) was rather easy. No preparation required. I just […]