Attending a Wedding…

Fenrir's Tellybug and DonCaprix' FFXI E-Life Wedding, DuckHUNT of Fenrir, Maiev

Its a pity I never went to Takalo’s Wedding, but neverthelss I got invited to DonCaprix and Tellybug’s Wedding ceremony. Its great rofl! We had the groom getting pissed off during the wedding, we had wedding crashers, and numerous lol moments. We had a blast and I’m sure Don and Telly did too ^_^

Here’s a short clip of their wedding :) I picked the ronfaure vocalized song for the bg music simply because it sounds very pure, ffxi related and… I really think it fits :3. Especially how both of them came a long way… waited so long for this.

I like Don’s motto ^_^.

Edit: If you want the higher-quality version, its located in the video’s section.

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