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Drawing MaiTalu (/w 15sec Vid)!

So like err.. a few nights ago, I was kinda bored from coding, went on to Daggy’s Paint Chat (Online version of Paint, but everyone can draw together) just to stare at something other than codes.. she was bored and was like “mmk lets draw your taru” lol… Took her literally.. only 5 minutes and […]

From FFXI Fan Art to RL Poster!

Daggy Poster #2 Yep, another Daggy’s artwork printed on poster :o! More exercise for my eyeballs now! So I don’t just stare @ the LCD screen! I know… its already on the wallpaper, but seeing it in BIG SIZE is pretty nice too ‘.’ That poster is actually 36″ in width and 24″ in height, […]

Rocked out Bugbear! (Lv75)

Ran in normally prepared. Rocked this guy out… & here’s the video of course :) A few things I know from this fight. He hits hard, nearly 300 per hit, not as bad as Fenrir… He had a ton more HP than Fenrir Sleepable Gravity and Bind start resisting later… So to fight this, I’ve […]

For Istar – Just a Dream.

Dedicate this Video for my adventuring friend: Istari. You want to have music for this.

Taru Group Nuke! Parrying and Much More!

Enjoyin every second of a dead TaruTaru. So I’ve ding 75, starting to merit again (Finally). So far I haven’t really been seeking. Its mostly LS party but I’m up if anyone’s interested to party with a Gimped sam (without Haidate/DA earring) buttttt…. I can outparse Glimpse :) (DA earring / Haidate) Speaking of Haidate, […]