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“GuessWho” stole the Astral Candescence ?!

That’s actually the video’s title =P But ya, my LS and I spent every hour after it was taken from Alzahbi, to retrieve it for the betterment of Fenrir’s Adventures! I’ve spent a lot of time in this video, its basically our 12 hour of adventuring packed in 10 minutes, its all shots of us […]

Novio, Blue Mage Chat and Istari…

A week in review! Guess what job is Etain! She’s one of the Fenrir Bloggers too if you didn’t know ^^; Its weird, you become friends to them ‘-‘ just by reading their blogs! Its magic of the Windy Talus! hehe. Speaking of Windy citizen, I never knew, Heavens Tower got a basement x__x Oh […]

[Video] Playing the Blues

The Real Post! Mai’s finger is about to fall off but at least I… Finish the guides! XD Both the MaiTalu’s Blue DD and Blu/ninChain 5 solo Vids! Writing em up took ages, worst than writing papers, but at least its done now :O Anyway, I’ve also spent the weekend creating a video inspired by […]

Maiev’s Blue Mage Guide for FFXI!~

Sumnydera and Maiev! I’ve spent a lot of time in the past few days compiling what I know about Blue-Mage. I’d like to take this chance to thank Sumnydera for getting me started on Blue-Mage and guided me to the right path. This guide shuold lead you exactly how to be a Damage-Dealer Blue-Mage in […]

[Video] Maiev Soloing Imps + Guide Soon!

Blue Mage Chain 4/5! Blue Talk Time for some FFXI in action ‘-‘ “Sort of” :O Since I’ve only been logging in daily for 3k exp and logout, I thought sharing my Imps experience would be kind of cool. Well I’m no where Avesta, and don’t plan on being one, its more of just a […]