Maiev’s Blue Mage Guide for FFXI!~

Sumnydera and Maiev's Blue Mage in AF's, Fenrir

Sumnydera and Maiev!

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past few days compiling what I know about Blue-Mage. I’d like to take this chance to thank Sumnydera for getting me started on Blue-Mage and guided me to the right path. This guide shuold lead you exactly how to be a Damage-Dealer Blue-Mage in a party setting. You can also take a look at my “Blue-Mage Posts only“, on my performance during exp parties. So here it is…

MaiTalu’s Blue-Mage Guide (Also accessible on the “Sticky Post” sidebar.)

I haven’t add-in my /thf and /nin comparison and Conclusion, but should give you enough knowledge to decide how you should play Blu DD.
I’m planning to write a few more guides, since many people ask me about them in-game.

  • Blu 75 Chain 5 Imps {How to do it}. For those that’s lazy to search. Most people have seen me enough roaming around Caedarva Mire. Well I’ve got 50 merits soloing Imps (Just to show how much time I spent there). Hard to explain in words so I’ll be accompying it with a video. Chain 5 isn’t really a rocket science, but more like it feels safer if you seen someone / video of doing it etc.
  • Windower macros guide. Some people who watched my Videos realized that I could change 12+ equipment on rdm so quickly (fast enough that it wipes out chat log), or I can play rdm without even switching macro palette. Well that’s all done with the Windower built-in macro system. An effective macro allows you to spend less time worrying about what to equip for spell, and more time analyzing your surroundings / situation.
  • Maiev’s RDM talks. Its not going to be a guide, but a share of my Red-Mage experience. Red-mage was my only 75 job since the NA release till probably August 2006 (Blue -Mage 75). Yes, literally 2 years 10 months playing rdm only. So I’ve got stuff I want to share. (Eg. Parrying skillup with rdm and 8 other mourouche, Chainspell Raise my whole 17 man alliance after a Nidhogg Spike Flail within a minute. etc)
  • 3ds max Rendering guide. Not many ask about it, I’ll shift it upwards if some others are interested.
  • Last but not least, a Goldsmithing 100 guide – with analysis similar to my Blue-mage Guide.

I hope this blog is more than just a blog, but somewhat resourceful too.

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