Novio, Blue Mage Chat and Istari…

A week in review!

FFXI, Etain, Tazo, Maiev, Ciermel, Nimi, Novio earring, Taru of Fenrir

Guess what job is Etain! She’s one of the Fenrir Bloggers too if you didn’t know ^^; Its weird, you become friends to them ‘-‘ just by reading their blogs! Its magic of the Windy Talus! hehe. Speaking of Windy citizen, I never knew, Heavens Tower got a basement x__x Oh man :(! Felt like I didn’t know FFXI at all!

Ya, my LS and I went to try out Jormy. Consider Jormy was GuessWho’s 1st wyrm experience, I mean -any- wyrm experience, it was pretty good that they brought it down to 15%. We could use more DD but ^^; I had great fun getting blown up by bombs xD

And yea, last of all, at one point I did feel like I just beat FFXI lol. Novio Earring ‘-‘ Yes I just beat FFXI lool!

How far can money take you!

Yes, I was teasing Weeber and Istari, but I was wondering how far can “virtual” gil take you, will it break friendship? Couples? So I was like

Yo Istari, if you will leave Weeber (long time friend/gay partner), I’ll split the pot!

Marry MaiTalu, Istari, Maiev, FFXI Taru of Fenrir

Apparently, Istari does seem like he’s a bit interested ‘-‘ just in the weird way! Istari <3 MaiButt!

Istari's Love!

Istari & Weeber are nice ppl, I won’t take them apart, was purely a joke. Unlike those ppl tat pulls out their emo stick when I play blue, nono I mean I was trying to go besiege and learn Radiant Breath and they emo.

Radiant Breath for Maiev, FFXI Blue Mage of Fenrir

Conclusion: 40m cannot break them apart ‘-‘, what relationship do you think they are in! I mean 40m! That can get you like 8 PCC, 13 vermillion cloak, you can make your friend so happy ^^;

Real-Life Schedule

Lots of mid-term next week so, I’d be gone for awhile :(

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14 Responses to “Novio, Blue Mage Chat and Istari…”

  1. jtaru says:

    WOW look at that gear
    HQ everything! @_@
    and oddly enough, 40mil doesn’t seem too much to me, i couldn’t get everything i ever wanted for my brd, i don’t think so at least.

    granted, your gear is already worth well over 40mil and you have absolutely nothing else to buy lol.

    good try on your first wyrm! you’ll win next time ^^

    and grats on novio!

  2. Ashiya says:


  3. Weeber says:

    Long time friend / Gay partner >:| . . . One of those statements is false.

    Fugging Tarus…

    Later Maiev~

  4. Aeyze says:

    wowweeee o.o;;
    You can buy me a Cursed Schaller -1 and Cursed Handschuhs -1 for when I get my Abj from Sky!

    XD Congratulations on Novio and next time you can kick Jormy’s ass for sure >:O!

  5. Maiev says:

    Reply to Ashiya:
    I totally didn’t notice until I saw the whm pants. I was like wtf? girls these days like to play war/nin now? :O
    Not that I’m saying girls don’t have the player skill ><; don't take it wrong, but war in nature, is really just about e-peen. Getting Ridills, Ebody etc. Which is not what a girl typically is '-' they play FF for the social aspect of it! Chat room etc. I'm sure stuff like "How high can your rampage go" or "What's your highest nuke" are all part of e-peen. But we never say like "How good is your minuet / how good is your cure", just imo some jobs are more for e-peen comparison than others XD Reply to Aeyze & jtaru:
    hehe that thing, is only partically mines ‘-‘ (hence, I felt like I beat the game for a second ^^). Nuking was never really part of me. I’d never spend 80m on a Novio ww. I’m more into a balanced RDM, hence I am known for “mp whore”. I prefer getting the jobs done safely than trying to break 1k damage or “I need to feel important so I have to be in Fafnir tank party” as rdm ^^

  6. Nitsuga says:

    The only thing I know about DotA is the Basshunter video which reminds me a lot of Gunther, just with more LAN parties.

    Is it fun?

  7. Ashiya says:

    I can just tell from the mitts, since even the most emo WAR would not have a mage-type mitts like that, and the body reminds me of reverend mail for WHM.

    All of your points kind of show how non-typical girl I am though :p I play RNG/WAR. I chat with Mrcy everyday about how my Slug Shot is and cries to him when they suddenly went boo boo damage. I am upgrading something at the same pretigious level as Ridill, Ebody, and lastly I have never entered an FFXI chat room, and went w/o LS for 4 months.

    /sigh …

    .. go emo again because of Maitalu.

  8. Etain says:

    Hey, I did a 1292 Hexastrike last night. /epeen D:

    Considering BRD is kind of sucky for melee/solo stuff, and WHM is (currently) my only other job at 75… WHM is my better choice for solo/melee’ing. ._.; Someday when I can get my leaping/bounding boots and my emperor/empress hairpin I’ll start working on THF, but for now WHM is my melee job of choice. :X

    I’ve always liked mage-y jobs, even when Falconfire and I play FF:Crystal Chronicles together I wind up with all the healing and magic spheres while he runs off to go slashy-slashy on some things. Lately though, I’ve felt a need to want to hit and kill things more and more (probably a direct result of playing .hack//G.U.), so that may change very soon. :3

    WS (for whatever reason, alla doesn’t have a Flame Gorget in their database)

    All I need is Nashira Body, and Swift Belt for TP build, and Hlrs. Mitts+1 and a Tiphia Sting for WS to be done. Well, that and better offhand club than a Martial Wand. XD

  9. Maiev says:

    u two are special =P Talus lol! but melee whm is kinda funny imo. and crazy girl tat upgrades a relic =P i think we have more NA girls upgrading relic than guys ‘-‘

    Reply to Nitsuga:

    holy ‘-‘! that video you link is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Strawberrie says:

    It’s funny how you joke that 40M won’t split it up. But maybe men are just more faithful than some women in Vana’diel.

    I’ve seen FFXI chicks leave their boys at the drop of a hat, in return for a Noble’s Tunic or whatever else high-money item they might need. Makes my Taru tummy irk on the inside.

    I hate gil-diggers SO much. I play this game for companionship, I won’t leave my broke-ass man if he keeps me happy. I can’t see how game gil is more important than that.


  11. Strawberrie says:

    Oh, and unless I’m retarded, I can’t seem to get to your RSS feed. When I click on your link, and the IE7 button, it’s all a blank page. Is it just me? Because it was working a few days ago before I decided to subscribe to it.

  12. Maiev says:

    it must hav beeen 2.05 WP!!! ugh!!! rofl lemme do something about it! sorry about it b!

    but ya lol, i dun intend to use gil to do those kinda stuff :3 i know a crafter on fenrir server who do these things actually.. they do anything for “virtual” stuff, imo nah…

    was purely a joke but ugh.. thinking about it .. is disappointing how ppl would actually giv up so much for “virtual currency” :o

  13. jtaru says:

    it’s almost like being mad at someone for stealing your monopoly money! :(


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