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Isn’t this just cool (Humor Video)!

Dramatic Lemurs You need sounds! Its not going to blast your speakers though :) All you need to do is AFK! (Posi) Sorry RL, gotta AFK! Just like the video below! AFKing!

Start Farming your Fire Cluster!

FFXIAH Update: Relic Calculator Fire Cluster for Relic gogo! LOL There’s an update to FFXI’s relic calculator to accommodate the BG joke… farming Fire Cluster for Relic!! Well its now implemented to FFXIAH so you can set yourself a goal! 100 Fire Cluste per day, 3k per month, you’ll be done in less than 2 […]

Tazo’s Birthday Present!

Tazo’s Birthday Presents! So this is what I made for Tazo’s Birthday ‘.’ a Taru calendar :3 How big? Its pretty big. 24″ x 36″. Here’s a picture with my laptop beside it. But just like the one in-game, she expects quite a lot and.. apparently this one wasn’t able to completely satisfy her. (from […]

HKIA MT Programme Written Exam

The Post has been permanently moved here.

Salvage and RL Moving!

I was also going to post it on Lagsave – my Salvage linkshell but… Etain’s “Taking a break” post got freaking derailed into the biggest shitstorm. Picture shit hits the fan… so… I’m just going to post it on blog and.. if you read it… you’d probably care/know about me anyway. My “Old” FFXI Area! […]