Start Farming your Fire Cluster!

FFXIAH Update: Relic Calculator

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Fire Cluster for Relic gogo!

LOL There’s an update to FFXI’s relic calculator to accommodate the BG joke… farming Fire Cluster for Relic!! Well its now implemented to FFXIAH so you can set yourself a goal! 100 Fire Cluste per day, 3k per month, you’ll be done in less than 2 years!

Some people might choose to farm Spider Webs *grin* or even Bat Wings *grin x2*

But yea.. the Fire Cluster joke came from a Relic Drg on BG, you can read the original thread here. Poor dude, really farmed fire cluster for his relic ‘.’

Its nice to see the FFXIAH developer implements humors into their website :) It makes it not only resourceful but… funny too lol~

Go play with it yourself! FFXIAH Relic Calculator!

One Response to “Start Farming your Fire Cluster!”

  1. Jowah says:

    wow lol,
    time to start farming clusters for my Gjallarhorn/Aegis XD!!!!
    Maybe I’ll be done in 2012~

    100 cluster/day, weak!


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