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Jowah’s Cross-server love!

PS: Sorry, blog engine went a bit Emo on some stuff >

Helping Adventures = Good Luck ^^;

Jowah’s ffxi cosplay piccies! Sooo adorable so go see it –> Trying to burn KS I didn’t really sponser any KS99 back when I was in Omen, didn’t really need the gil back then so now… I have nearly 4.8 stacks of KS. Went to ask around and ugh.. Scraggy told me about the Scarlet […]

Unbreakables HNM –> GuessWho Social LS?!

OMG I think I fell in love with drawing! Yes ; I’m surrounding with good artist, all produce amazing artwork and… now I’m interested in drawing! After talking to Farkee and Daggy, I really want to learn how to draw good. So I’m going to start learning about it.. don’t know if its too late […]

Friendship in FFXI.

Shamu IRL! Shamu – a random MMO friend to a real friend. I don’t know how much you care or value friends that you make in FFXI, but I do care about them beyond FFXI if they mean something to me. Well today, I was just watching this video on YouTube of how a random […]

IQ Question

Mai Horrible Mouse Drawing! Yay to my paint drawing! Anyway, which direction (left or right) is the school bus heading? :O (You can think of it as the Yellow School Bus). The image is rough drawing, its just to get you started off. Just reply to this thread with your answer AND the explanation!, I’ll […]