Unbreakables HNM –> GuessWho Social LS?!

OMG I think I fell in love with drawing!

Unbreakables Header, Linkshell of Fenrir

Yes ; I’m surrounding with good artist, all produce amazing artwork and… now I’m interested in drawing! After talking to Farkee and Daggy, I really want to learn how to draw good. So I’m going to start learning about it.. don’t know if its too late to start drawing now >.> I guess I’ll start drawing apples and straight lines ><; MaiTalu’s new home – GuessWho LS

I’m not going to put the drama in this post. I’ve join GuessWho LS for awhile now (a month probably), and I like it here. But let me list a few things why I’ve chosen my path.

  • I don’t have time to camp HNM around the clock. The last thing I don’t want is a phone call to wake up and HNM. I’ve camp HNM since May 04, so let me get my break. You were probably leveling subjobs when I went to fought my 1st Fafnir.
  • The environment is not like the old days. I don’t like it as a business entity. You do your shit, I do mines, end of the day.
    Seriously, look at the SS below, who is still there. These are people I talk to, consider close friends. Since none of them are really still playing, I really lost my love to the LS as a whole (loosing friends, increasing drama). (Sorry Fireal, Sen and Raiko, Mathrandir and the old Omen crew (Amedia & Hana), I really want to play with you people but.. the LS environment, the stress generated and the time demanded from the LS does not outweight the fun I get from playing with you guys.) Below is the Unbreakables header, probably the days I really felt the game was fun, really fun.
  • and finally, I can’t take a bitch stick from my leader who accuse me for the wrong shit. Period

GuessWho is my new home. (With Sumnydera and Ciermel). People in ths LS are amazing ‘-‘. They really make me feel like.. I belong somewhere, where I can actually do fun things again without worrying about getting beat by the bitch stick, where I can actually have an option to choose what I want to do ‘-‘ (LIKE EXPING MY BLUE MAGE). An LS where I can actually have time to do stuff with RL friends who also play this game. When I mean RL friends, I mean (Sohjai, Sohmui, Cus, Eeto, Tazo and my brother), people I see in real life face to face. I DO have a lot of RL friends that play, and I want to play with them instead of “Sorry, HNM time else I get beat by the bitch stick”.

At one point, I think I was closer to the FF blogs that I read about other players around the world than people in my LS.. sad heh! Well if you feel like reading a truck load of drama, of how I got pissed at my HNMLS and a bit of history about Omen, Unbreakables and Omen II, you can go read this post here.

So I’ll be bringing back a lot of FF content post into this blog, I’ve been staying quiet because… I really wanted to reassure myself this LS is the right one for me. Anyway, time to unload my stress so lets talk about some DotA!

Amazing DotA Games!

It was a 1 hour 40 minutes game. It started off pretty normal until…

DotA with Caleb

people start purchasing Divine Rapier (its like the Relic Weapon (comparing to FF) in DotA, except your relic gets tossed to the ground upon death!, like if a thf with Mandau dies to Fafnir, now Fafnir can use the Mandau against you).

The game was SO intense, holy smoke someone drop a Divine Rapier, I toss my Eye (7000 bucks) item for Rapier, the LOLnub DESTORYED it…. wow… You can see the process below.. but damn, LOL dota game!

Divine Rapier gets tossed around!

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