Helping Adventures = Good Luck ^^;

Jowah’s ffxi cosplay piccies! Sooo adorable so go see it –>

Trying to burn KS

Jayashaya and I Duoing KSNM

I didn’t really sponser any KS99 back when I was in Omen, didn’t really need the gil back then so now… I have nearly 4.8 stacks of KS. Went to ask around and ugh.. Scraggy told me about the Scarlet King. Its definately a fun BC. Inside you fight a Mandicore, which 24/7 blood weapon. So both Jayashaya and I sub nin and go test it out. Drops were decent, went with 4 orbs, wipe on 1 and nice drops on the other 3! XD

By the way ^^; I’m only a mini stockholder of the Novio Earring (Loan big cash to Jayashaya), he is the one who beat the game, hence I said “I felt like I beat the game for a second” XD!

Being nice pays off!

There’s this afternoon, I came back and got a tell from Tikito, a blue mage asking some questions. Well if it isn’t something that involves research or “I’m lazy to type search on the computer”, I’d answer them. Surprisingly he was asking how to play DD blue ‘-‘. Gave him my blog, and he was like damn wish he knew earlier.

Well I kept talking, then I hear he spend “all his money” into buying 2 puissance ring. Puissance ring, I make em daily just to fund my snack money, I totally forgot 80k was a lot when I started. I felt bad ><; so I went to grab some mythril ingots and made these two things for him.

Tikito's present!, Puissance Ring +1

I send him a PM, telling him he can sell those 2 Puissance ring. Although it only cost me roughly 100k to make, but I’m sure the 100k bought him a lot more happiness than it would have for me. Omg >.> Zimph would come after me after he read this >.> Go away!!

So I then did some random crafting :3 and WHOAAA that’s like PIMP HQ! Double Tier1 in 6 tries is like O.O! I used 800k to get like a Triumph Earring and a +1 for myself!

Double Tier1 HQ! Triumph Earring FFXi

I felt very good ^^; Somewhat I think helping people brings good luck. Previously, I’ve helped someone, like giving them something and I also got a double Tier 1 HQ on Piegon’s Earring +1 or.. Gave Farkee a -1 Crown for some really nice drawing!

The only person who I haven’t gain shit from is Jayashaya. Gave him an Omniscient ring and so far but no Royal Cloak, Prism Cape, Mahatma Cape, Dalmatica -1, but only takes out big loans! He’s nothing but tears T.T


Yarly, its got some new functions! Server-wide prices! Lets see what’s cheap! Peacock Charm?

PCharm is Cheap!

Cheapest! Dude, its time to buy yours!

Anyway, I don’t know if there’s a new wave of gilsellers, but I don’t know how the query of “Cure” make it to the top list. lol.

Fenrir's AH, most viewed item cures

Speaking of FFXIAH, I can’t wait till we have FFXI Bazaar Online! Entering a search query that also searches bazaar would be mad cool ‘-‘. Fook AH fees!

3 SH+1 in a row!

Crazy nicca on this server… no wonder SH’s price been dropping like flies.

Scorpion Harness HQ x3, Fenrir Server, AH

Lame People

On the side note, I’ve play this game for um.. 3 years? I’ve party with numerous people, chat with tons of people just about anything and by far the most retarded person got to be Daede. Lets just say this retard /welcome you with an emo stick! Mebbe I’ll write about it someday :3. Got to add him to ignore list! Its like damn, I never knew people like him exist on Earth.

Japanese Lunch Menus

This got to be very disturbing to see on your lunch menus.

MaiTalu Mad Busy IRL!

Yes, Midterms, assignment, /emo! The Lab was so empty ‘-‘ I can take 2 pc plus a laptop to do my work. I stayed till pretty late, like 5am to do my work! Farkee was goin talk to me till the 6:37am bus but he prefer sleep > helping a friend out.

On the side note, the server is pretty cool ‘-‘ It only looks cool from the back! 2 power supply :O!

But on top of studying, you do need time to relax so DotA! My teamates was good, but I was better ^^; 17 kills 1 death, works out to be 33% of the kills was done by MaiTalu!

NS Ownage!

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9 Responses to “Helping Adventures = Good Luck ^^;”

  1. Alexanderz says:

    Hey can you tell me how did you beat the manticore with 2 people ? thanks !

  2. Aeyze says:

    Gogo Fenrir economic slump!

  3. Jowah says:

    *kisses Maiev in her back*

  4. Jowah says:

    omg omg omg
    /panic /panic /panic

    gimme your money ; ;

  5. Maiev says:

    Reply to Alexandrez:
    Ugh, basically we both sub nin, open with gravity, put all elemental/poison/bio2 dots on it and bind. I was the one who was doing most damage because rdm had stoneskin on top of blink and fast cast, so i was a better tanker. We basically take turns binding and don’t mess up on the bind ‘-‘ it can wipe you >”< Nuke, bind, dot nuke, bind, repeat process. A tier3 nuke roughly takes it down 3% so '-'. The fight took us 20 minutes, with 1 hit of riddle (takes down all mp) :(, that's all i think, nothing really special about the fight. uses all standard mandicore moves. Reply to Jowah:
    You shuold read my previous post rofl w, the one you miss during your cosplay week

  6. tazo says:

    MAIEV!!! I want to go out with you and Noel, and meet up with our Guest from the West XD THIS Friday! Go study, PLEASE! ~_~ or I’ll /emo you in RL! >

  7. Maiev says:

    Moogle>> “Are you sure you want to use 10 merit points to raise Anti-Tazo Emo by 100 levels?”
    >>Moogle: Damn right!
    Moogle>> “Maiev has now gain full immunity to Tazo’s Emo!”

    XD, time to procrastinate!

  8. Reiginsei says:

    Damn wheres my bowl of steaming cock Kupo?

  9. Maiev says:

    LOL sorry we Kupo don’t have one =O Find it elsewhere rofl!


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