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Which Way The Bus Going? IQ

Mai Horrible Mouse Drawing!

Yay to my paint drawing! Anyway, which direction (left or right) is the school bus heading? :O (You can think of it as the Yellow School Bus). The image is rough drawing, its just to get you started off.

Just reply to this thread with your answer AND the explanation!, I’ll reply as soon as someone gets it right.

PS: If you are on my server, I’ll give you one free HQ synthesis if you’re the first to get it right (like you bring materials, I’ll synth until I HQed it, and you walk away with the HQ item without an HQ fee, anything that a Goldsmither 100 can do of course >.>)

14 Responses to “IQ Question”

  1. mirith says:

    Oh OH OH! This is one of those trick questions right? Well I was about to say.. umm its going straight ahead and we are looking at the back of the bus……. but then I re-read your post and it says left or right only >.

  2. mirith says:

    (Ok slap me.. I’m still using Opera…..)

    Sooo ahh I guess it’s going right because of that ahh sqaure wheel! Hahah but then again, maybe thats just your ‘rough’ drawing HAHAHA

  3. Maiev says:

    Nope! hehe! Try to not get distracted by the drawing, and think of the Yellow School Bus ^^;

  4. Aeyze says:

    If not right then left? xD

  5. Maiev says:

    You got to explain your answers to get the prize! hehe

  6. Aeyze says:

    Uuuh, I dunno o__o if it was travelling from right to left then it’d have to be on the other side of the road to you (assuming you’re driving on the right side of the road) So you’re gonna miss your buss!

    But that doesn’t explain why XD aww dangit, my head hurts.

  7. mirith says:

    Which direction is the bus heading. It’s heading to school!!!!!!!!!

  8. Maiev says:

    Aeyze’s getting close! Not quite! and lol to mirith’s answer :o ur such a cutaru jus like ur blog ^_^

  9. Oropher says:

    Its going to the left, because you can’t see a door. If it was going to the right then you should be able to see a door, how else are you going to get in?

  10. stoofs says:

    ok heres my stab at it… its not heading anywhere because direction is based on perspective, n im sitting here lookin at a bus not moving, but if i were on a swivle chair n i spun left the bus would b moving from left to right. Also if im wrong tell me the answer. I have to know now!!

  11. Maiev says:

    Oropher was right! Too bad he isn’t on Fenrir *Grin* :D

  12. Ueda says:

    I was going to say right, because to me it looks as if it’s tilted to the left slightly which would mean the back wheels are accelerating bringing the front up slightly.

  13. Oropher says:

    well, if you still want to give away a prize; you can give it to Mirith. I liked that “square wheel” theory.

  14. mirith says:

    Ooo! I won! hehehe


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