Category : Parrying Skillup

Lv70 SAM and Parrying it to Lv75!

Going slowly… I know I can do it! Leveling Parrying is like leveling Goldsmithing. It might seem impossible, but its so cool to see it rising little by little! Baby steps! Since 62 (when I have parrying uncapped), I never partied again. I mean some people might argue sure, get 75 first then level it, […]

Missions, Parrying and lots more!

Pics from Rank 8 for Ciermel Damn right! Sorry if I left you tarus in the dark =P I went on a vacation with my friend. I’ll make a post about it “mebbe”, but in a nutshell, I went to Niagara Falls for a few days just to chill and watch ice sheets fall […]

Parrying and Optical Hat!

An Optical hat in 4hrs for MaiTalu :) Everyone thought, for being an old player, I should have got it in my storage somewhere… {fact}, I do not have an Opptical hat T.T So I was approaching Lv70sam. To be honest I never thought I’d play a melee job so when everyone ask if I […]

Parrying my Samurai up to 75!

New Category… Call Baby Samurai~ Just to keep everything related to my Samurai progress in ‘-‘. I think my next goal is to cap Parrying Skill. I really see that not being impossible, but takes ages. Its kinda like Goldsmithing but if you have the heart to do something, you’d get it :) So to […]

Etain’s Manteel and more Parrying Skillupz!

Etain and her Sha’ir Manteel I think that’s got to be pretty big news! Etain wanted a Manteel for the longest time! I guess her LS made her dream come true ^^ I woke up, Vryali wanted me to synth a Manteel, I randomly ask who it was for, he said it was for Etain. […]