I’m Still Alive!

I’ve been missing in FFXI for almost 2 months now! Been busy with life and stuff. Right now I’m slowly trying to fit some time back to the game.

Wings of the Goddess – I barely played much of the expansion. Looks boring so far.

The last big update – RNG got boosted so much!  Last party with Bubian, I got owned on Greater Colibri’s. His average 2.4k sidewinders are so boring, he was peaking at 3.3k sidewinders and 5.3k barrage! Absolutely CRAZY! RNG screams for a gimping so I can own him again! =P He did about 10% more damage than I did. =X� I was never parsed close pre-update, this was pretty shocking. Velocity shot really owns!

Samurai – All my accuracy is messed up now with the update, I can’t afford to wear the Byrnie +1 anymore. I parsed 87% on Mamools at Nyzul camp with Haubergeon +1 ..Sigh terrible. Maybe I need to get those sniper +1 back.. hehe or Ace Helm =P

Samurai took a big hit with our damage. Attack gained from STR is no longer 100% but 75%. I lose about 23 attack from this update for melee, which is loosing that free B.Kote. Y/G/K also dropped in damage, it’s fTP no longer 1.75, 2.0, 2.5 , the new numbers are 1.5625, 1.875, 2.5. This makes Hagun shines more, but the difference is not as big as the whole WS damage is toned down. This makes onimaru and shinsoku more competitive.

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  1. Bubian says:

    Cheer up man, time for a merit pt rematch :) Love torque dropped for us recently, so I think Justice will drop soon… come back!!! I miss my taru sam! ;)

  2. Bubian says:

    merits pls


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