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A step into the past….(SS Collage)

Lots of things have been happening in real life (finished my first stint as a gr.11 teacher) and in game (chugging along in CoP, experiencing my first taste of ‘drama’), so it’s nice to pause and stop to smell the roses, and look back at some older Tazo pictures! Here’s a hopefully bigger version of […]

Rants and Wants (don’t rhyme)

Rant: My Dell laptop …. just makes me angry. It’s been two months now, and it gave me blue screen of death and refused to start Windows. Tried other methods, gave up and called Dell support. They told me to reset the laptop…. and lose everything. I don’t think my laptop’s very pretty, but I […]

Tazo’s 1st Dynamis!

Is Tazo deep in thought, or really sleepy? ^^ Dynamis Windy Flag: O Thanks to Bub and Mai who encouraged me to try it out. It was an ‘interesting’ experience. I could’ve not died during this run, but at the 10-minutes left mark, I decided to make it a “Die-namis” as everyone called it. I’d […]

Sithlady strikes back!

:D I played a game of DoTA (Warcraft3) with Jeff, Allan, Caleb, and Brain. Sithlady came out of retirement! WC3 was shelfed for the longest time … about three months when I started playing Final Fantasy. How did the name Sithlady come about? I’m a fan of StarWars (duh) but not crazily hardcore. I needed […]

A distant belief, no more!

:) It seems I like blogging when I’m supposed to be doing school work. (Math lesson plans aren’t that fun at the moment) Last night, with a party of 4 ninjas and 2 white mages, we FINALLY beat those wooly mammoths at the Miserable Coast. I tend to like renaming game names so just bare […]