Rants and Wants (don’t rhyme)

Rant: My Dell laptop …. just makes me angry. It’s been two months now, and it gave me blue screen of death and refused to start Windows. Tried other methods, gave up and called Dell support. They told me to reset the laptop…. and lose everything. I don’t think my laptop’s very pretty, but I love my laptop bag so much.


Wants: Hmmm, most of you already know I am working towards being “a way cool math/science teacher”. Maiev and I have different opinions on ‘cool’. I believe in making learning FUN…. his method is more like screw learning let’s have fun. (E.g. Maiev came up with an idea where they play me in a video game for marks. I win, they lose 10 marks; they win they get 10 marks.)

Pink TI-84 Calculator

Anyways with this sexy little TI-84, I’d be the best accessorized mathie around! :D

3 Responses to “Rants and Wants (don’t rhyme)”

  1. Jowah says:

    I’m so sorry for your laptop :(
    DELL pcs are good but they often goes into crashing-death problems.
    And don’t forget the “timebomb matter” (a.k.a. death of pc once warranty ends, and i think it’s true lol!)

    Your bag is awesome XD My lappie bag is some unpersonalized black standard one, not that pretty :(

    and last…..

    My degree in math was 3/10, the only subject i had less than 8/10 ;_;

  2. Tazo says:

    Jowah! I can’t sign anything on your page :( I don’t know why my comments never show up. But I love your Cosplay stuffs ^^. Someday I will try to get my hands on a Sha’ir cosplay costume ^^. Too bad I have no choice but to be a HUME ; ;

  3. Maiev says:

    lululemon bags for laptop gear is overkill!!!!!

    btw, tazo phoned up dell, dell ask “Do you want to reset, as in restore to factory setting”, without hesitation, she said yes and press the button without thinking of the consequences ‘-‘!

    sucks to be tazo’s technician =P


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