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Here comes the Bubian…

Ducks’ Divine Might So um… we did Divine Might… pretty sure most people did too. We had a decent setup! Kiters were mostly paired up with healers. As a result, I thought it’d take pretty long since we don’t really have DPS but… it turned out we killed it within 11mins (including CS time) with […]

SE is restoring Compromised Accounts!

So all those media, BG and people spamming improved account access in customer survey actually worked! Source from PlayOnline. Its nice to know that SE aren’t treating us just like cash cows… but actually attempt to restore not only lost accounts, but lost items! On the other hand… I was thinking… some people might start […]

DuckHUNT’s Divine Might

DuckHUNT just did Divine Might Quest for all the duckies who needed it or who needed to redo it. …wahh, of course i did it already =P. I just had to redo it to get a new earring =). I had the abyssal earring before. i’m still deciding between the suppa or gk earring. btw, […]

Wish I get Paid to run Linkshells…

Mai linkshell’s point system But I don’t :/ not even a single gil! The sad part is, when the linkshell is done with events, everyone just d2 out and type /shutdown … no more worries.. but for me… its time that I double click my excel sheet and start putting 1’s beside who went to […]

Limit Break Radio

Limit Break Radio Limit Break Radio – a FFXI Podcasts I’ve been writing quite a lot of end-game content, in fact it was mostly about end-game content, for end-game players! So here’s my attempt to grab a casual player’s attention. Limit Break Radio! Wut? lol Limit Break Radio: If you haven’t listened to it, […]