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Limit Break Radio, FFXI Podcasts

Limit Break Radio

Limit Break Radio – a FFXI Podcasts

I’ve been writing quite a lot of end-game content, in fact it was mostly about end-game content, for end-game players! So here’s my attempt to grab a casual player’s attention. Limit Break Radio! Wut? lol

Limit Break Radio:

If you haven’t listened to it, you should give it a try. Just like other podcasts, Limit Break Radio (LBR) draws the most recent content of FFXI and make it into a radio show. The show is roughly 40 minutes~ It draws from a variety of content, but mostly revolves around PlayOnline’s community news. Well you might think… I can read it myself! But they… make it into a discussion :)

LBR consists of 4 hosts, I believe most of them are from Odin server so… if you’re Odin, definitely even listen since its directly relates to your server too! Their coverage goes from newbie – starting the game to HNM talks! I havta say… at the very least LBR hosts aren’t just a bunch of people making a show, they actually have knowledgeable people in there that knows the game. Of course, all these hosts plays the game buttt, they aren’t all end-game players, so you wouldn’t feel left out no matter what stage of your FFXI career you’re in.

In general, LBR is an educational FFXI radio show! You learn stuff from it *eg. You can buy cookies from NPC*

If you’re bored with your music or EXTremely bored while waiting for event to start.. then just turn it on and let it play some noise :) Give it at least one try xD

Their podcasts download here.

3 Responses to “Limit Break Radio”

  1. Jowah says:

    lolRadio, I hate it
    I just listen the same stuff my bf streams on our LS server :<
    And that’s not really FF-game related XD

    And I actually like to play with BGM, or watch TV meanwhile :p

  2. Maiev says:

    I don’t know, its some nice content IMO even for an end-game player. There are always some of the “basic” stuff that… you just don’t know of…

    & its definately different to listen to a Radio show that relates to your hobby; something you know well!

  3. Aniero says:

    Hey hey Maiev! Thanks very much for the nice write up ^_^

    …although you give us entirely too much credit, we’re really just noobs asking awesome players questions XD

    But thank you, your article really made my day.

    ~Aniero //


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