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{Treasure Coffer} {Found It!}

Mai Coffer via Fedex, by Courtney (Yuukino in FFXI) The Treasure Coffer So how do you usually get yours? Most of the time you’d goto FFXIClopedia, look up where to get keys, farm the keys… then go find the coffer :D Apparently mines come differently :o Mines… was shipped to me via Fedex :D You’d […]

Good Read: LS Management!

Hillary’s Bosnia Incident, now with Counter Strike! What’s going on Mai? I’ve been extremely busy :/ Its coming… slowly… but I still read, listen and play! But for those boring minds, I found a nice article regarding Linkshell Management. Go take a look! Its actually quite true IMO, matches my linkshell structure at least :)

Sweetie Etain!

Love from Etain! Love from Etain I’m not sure if Falc wanna see this haha but Etain, who is on Fenrir server, sent me a post card while she was on her honeymoon with Falc :) oh noe! I’m Etain’s secret lover xD Etain (Fenrir) is the Bardlet that writes A Bardlet’s Tale. Etain and […]

Sakurakun reaches Clothcraft 95.1

i’m starting to feel a sense of accomplishment. i’m almost there, but it’s still gonna be a long way before i’m close to 100. i have stockup on rainbow threads/rainbow cloth again…farming time!

Chronicles of Lenneth Pt. 1

Chronicles of Lenneth… what’s it all about? I haven’t blog for a while for nothing sparks my interest. So what is different this time? Well, first of all, it’s all about Lenneth… so no CCtalu. And this time, something has definitely given me the enthusiasm to write again. NMs… Notorious Monsters… what is about them […]