Chronicles of Lenneth Pt. 1

Chronicles of Lenneth… what’s it all about? I haven’t blog for a while for nothing sparks my interest. So what is different this time? Well, first of all, it’s all about Lenneth… so no CCtalu. And this time, something has definitely given me the enthusiasm to write again.

NMs… Notorious Monsters… what is about them that keeps players all hooked? The anticipation… the kill… the reward… all gives satisfaction to the hunter. As a thief, there is an increase probability of a rarer drop then one who dont have thf or /thf. As of now, my thief is only lvl 30 but there are countless NMs out there that makes me want to look for them and camp them til I get drop. Sounds boring? I thought at first, but after camping my first NM, I feel like I want to camp a new one, much more higher lvl and better drops.

Thus, the creation of this Chronicle, to document my fun experiences on NM hunting and I hope you guys would have satisfaction reading it too.

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