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Another Wedding for Shayx/Drguinnessx

Apparently i got lucky twice!! here’s another one of my application that went through for shayx and drguinnessx. it’s in a different area from where i applied jingex and ravy so i cant wait ^_^!! i’m like the JLo of our LS lol (reference from the Wedding Planner)

Mog Bonanza 2008

Mog Bonanza FFXI Lottery So like… there’s a new update :D Lottery Ticket! Source here. Mog Bonanza marbles available for purchase from May 16 till May 28. The winning numbers will be announced on June 30. Prizes available for collection from July 2 till July 31. So here’s a few things I’d like to say […]

Writing deteriorates… when you play FFXI!

I found this article on my way to work, thought its something interesting to share. Use of emoticons increasingly with teens: study It’s nothing to LOL about: despite best efforts to keep school writing assignments formal, two-thirds of teens admit in a survey that emoticons and other informal styles have crept in. The Pew Internet […]

Um.. A/C Recovery Policy?

Account Recovery Policy So today’s POL Update’s got something interesting.. a totally re-written account recovery policy. I was thinking… that’s probably why there was a change in Terms of Use. Its probably so that they can have more control over accounts etc (which they have already). Regardless, here’s the article from POL. IMO, the […]

Jingex and Ravynne’s Wedding

Hhaha, i’m a bit late posting this pics! sowwie!! Overall, it went really well. this was my first ffxi wedding so i was a bit nervous coordinating everything. we had “some” hiccups in the beginning like… yes, that was Jing d/c at his own wedding >_>;; ….but that was pre-wedding preps {poor ravynne}. if that […]