Mog Bonanza 2008

Mog Bonanza, 2008,m FFXI

Mog Bonanza

FFXI Lottery

So like… there’s a new update :D Lottery Ticket!

Source here.

Mog Bonanza marbles available for purchase from May 16 till May 28.
The winning numbers will be announced on June 30.
Prizes available for collection from July 2 till July 31.

So here’s a few things I’d like to say

  • The prize pays for itself, well at least the 1st prize. 1/100,000 will win, cost 1,000 gil per try, so statistically, well if uyoutaken into account 2nd 3rd prize… then maybe not, but SE do hope you people pick Rare/Ex! So it further deflates the economy.
  • SE made these dates… notice they are split across 3 months, so you’d have to keep your mules for 3 months :D so if you have 20 mules of all lv5, that’s 60 bucks xD, make more cash than the expansion packs for 30 bucks and… there is no cost to this… extra bandwidth? lol Oh… Hard Drive space!
  • Anyone who pick Rare/Ex gotta think again. Eg. Dalm +1 or Rare/Ex GKT from Love. You can buy a RELIC with 100m gil… 100 Dynamis Run will give you way too much currency than you need. Use the FFXIAH Relic Calc and you will see why.
  • Since there will be tons of mules, chances are, the first prize will end up on a mule (if everyone makes 20… lets say 10, so chances are they don’t want a Dalm +1 for their mule but… 100m gil. I think the economy’s going inflate a tiny bit xD (1st prize pays for itself, but what about 2,3,4? still sucks if you take gils)
  • Also remember… RMT will be after this. Stop farm and just create accounts and buy lottery ticket. So there will be a lot of 100million winners? I don’t know but who knows :D
  • If I were you, I’d go sell Dusk Gloves… Rank 4 contains Behe Hide, and 1/100 will get it… so its goin be FLOODED :)

Interesting Poll on FFXIAH here.

What I’d take? You can assure me I’m going to take 100m gil…. I also have Tazo… and she eats gil… so I technically only get 50m >.>

SE is making good REAL cash out of this event! Nice way to boost character subscribers and revenue ^_^. They are really RMTing ha ha ha! Indirectly :) Next week’s press! We’ve broken the 2 million character creation mark :) They aren’t lying but rofl…

On the side… just when you think your friend loves you…

Etain defeats Maiev, FFXI

Its nothing but a lie :x I feel like a criminal :( that everyone like Etain likes to chase after to get a kill shot screenshot :(

3 Responses to “Mog Bonanza 2008”

  1. Etain says:

    I still love you! ;-;

  2. Maiev says:

    I don’t buy it…
    I really don’t

  3. Etain says:

    I would use this pic in my defense, but I shot your for 180 damage+poison after you whiffed at me. (._.;

    Do I need mail you more postcards to make you see the love? :(


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