Um.. A/C Recovery Policy?

Account Recovery Policy

So today’s POL Update’s got something interesting.. a totally re-written account recovery policy. I was thinking… that’s probably why there was a change in Terms of Use. Its probably so that they can have more control over accounts etc (which they have already). Regardless, here’s the article from POL.

IMO, the effectiveness of this is… down to if you can restore non rare/ex items. I don’t really want Earth Crystals…like some people get from their account recovery… I want a travel back in time kind of thing.

Reading the above link above.. it does sound like its going to restore non rare/ex stuff. That’s extremely good news.. but how are they going to do that? I mean… what if its being abused by RMT to dupe items.. so there are still unknown areas which we have to find out from people who will be utilizing the restore service.

It does look like a good move, and finally feels like SE is standing behind our backs in regards to our account. But still…. I gotta look at those that actually will be utilizing this service to judge if its garbage or not… lets hope its good (and I think the fastest way to find out, is watching Jowah’s friend utilizing it.)

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