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The ABC Mule in Windurst

The ABC Mule in Windurst

Pretty epic mules that lasted many years! Well believe it or not, they were already there in 2004!

Windurst Mission 2-1 (Lost for Words)

First Alliance For a lot of adventurers, they had good friend who is Lv75 that can rock their way through a lot of the missions. Back then, even a simple Mission 2-1 requires an alliance. Nobody knows what to do. Again, I’m sure you recognize a few familiar faces from the above SS, such as […]

The Jeuno AH – January 2004

Jeuno AH – Jan 04 One of the biggest adventure of Final Fantasy XI back then was actually successfully make it to Jeuno. People would save gils just to set Home Point as close as possible, and just keep trying till they can 1 time make it to Jeuno. With little to no knowledge of […]

Mai's Fenrir History Starts Here!

Mai History Begins! Hello there! This was my 1st post for Fenrir’s history because – I figure out how to use the Screenshot button! Well, the FFXI user interface was pretty hard to use, but in comparison to Ever Quest. I’m very sure a lot of you have your epic story of how you level […]

Mai Adventure Begins

Note: This is a Backlog of Mai Adventure. Maiev’s 1st ScreenShot Aloha Mai Readers Aloha readers! Did you know Maiev learned how to use the screenshot button on January 2004? Well not really, I just never thought of taking screenshots until then. I bought the game on the day of release. Geeky enough to even […]