Mai's Fenrir History Starts Here!

Mai History Begins!

Maiev's 1st Screenshot of FFXI

Hello there! This was my 1st post for Fenrir’s history because – I figure out how to use the Screenshot button! Well, the FFXI user interface was pretty hard to use, but in comparison to Ever Quest. I’m very sure a lot of you have your epic story of how you level up your first job. Well for myself, I started as Warrior, I got it to Lv7 and just completely wanted to just quit the game. I was thinking to myself – damn, MMORPG was hard! If you didn’t know, Maiev’s first character isn’t actually name “Maiev”, but it was “Punk”!

I walked back to Windurst, which wasn’t helping at all (we all know it’s a maze). I saw a Red Mage with the pimp hat! I was like zomg I want to be just like that Taru Red Mage. I recreated a female Taru call Maiev. Why female? Well, I assume Final Fantasy XI is a “male” game (I was only 18 =P! Give me a break!), so I was thinking. Since this is “Role Playing”, I don’t have to create something that represent myself, why not roleplay a “Female” character. Before this, I was playing Warcraft III and loved Maiev Shadowsong, that’s how I got my name and female 5b.

I worked hard for all my spell. I was so amazed when I found a NPC. I took my hard-earn silk thread, NPC them for good income. I went to other NPC and bought the pimpest equipment. Hay! I never knew there was other good weapon, I really thought this game was FF7, you buy and sell all kick ass stuff from NPC!

Maiev Adventuring through Buburimu Peninsula

So I made it through the beginning area, moved onto Tahrongi Canyon, then moved onto Buburimu Peninsula. When we were still little, everything was scary. Our party would move in groups, so we could defeat monster together should any of us aggro. I have to say, I was very scared every move I made in-game, it felt like Tomb Raider.

It was a very adventuring experience.

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