The Jeuno AH – January 2004

Jeuno AH – Jan 04

One of the biggest adventure of Final Fantasy XI back then was actually successfully make it to Jeuno. People would save gils just to set Home Point as close as possible, and just keep trying till they can 1 time make it to Jeuno. With little to no knowledge of how aggro range work, a lot of us just cross finger and ran through that zone. I took a few hours until I made it!

Fenrir's Jeuno AH of January 2004

Fenrir's Jeuno AH of January 2004

Doesn’t it remind you of a lot of old school people in this picture? NA were just starting and as you can see, all the Japanese were already in their Artifact Armor!

For Fenrir, the “gathering” place was Lower Jeuno. It’s like the slums where everyone shout for help.

A few person worth noting on this SS. First you have “David”, a very popular linkshell leader. We also have Ilir, the biggest asshole! Maximizer was another person that was pretty old school. The rest seems pretty JP to me.

Of course, I had no idea the Jeuno AH was the “centre” of trade. So that window served no purpose at that point!

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