Fenrir’s Kraken Club +1 + WoW PvP Talk

Tsunade, Kraken Club, Maiev, Fenrir, FFXI

Gratz to Tsunade / Chidorii Kclub!

A Kraken Club dropped! Yay more Kclub friends!

Today’s post going to be.. about Mai friends too – Tsunade! After numerous tries, he finally got his Kclub from his Kclub BC!

Took the Tsunade brothers (Chidorii) 25 tries to get em, which is um… roughly 1,500 Beastmen Seals =P They still have 1,200 BS left =_=; These two brothers exp too much imo :(

Drop them a Gratz if you see em ^^; They didn’t tell me to post, I’d just like to share it too, since I’m really happy for them too XD

Tsunade, Kraken Club, Maiev, Fenrir, FFXI

So yea ;) Congratz to these two little Tarus! Hard work pays off ^^; *recruits them to duck linkshell* So what’s the Blood Elf doing there in the screenshot?

WoW Arena Name!

TaruTaru Pwnography, WoW, Arena, PvP, Maiev

Mai’s 5v5 Team Name – TaruTaru Pwnography

I’ve had quite a difficult time finding nice names, I talked to people, ask around and didn’t really find one until I saw a post on WoW forums of… good names… and combining what I read + FFXI, I’ve came up with the following Arena Team name…

TaruTaru Pwnography!

I mean =P pretty sure its not something new :) Previously made some really dirty 3ds rendering! & I’m sure you’ll get the Arena Team name, if you play FFXI =P

It’d be pretty funny if the people in the Arena also plays FFXI, I bet they would feel a little bit disturbed :D Nice! I can take that chance and jus Pwn them :)

On a side note, finally broke my record of 1656 Team Rating (2v2), even beat a Pally + Warrior combo, which we had a pretty difficult time beating before. We lost twice to a very nasty combo of Rogue + Shadow Priest. Their DPS / Gear / Skill was much higher than ours~ A Shadow Priest which is willing to switch form to heal its teammates~ we thought they were pretty good in that way. Most just DoT it up, and hang around then DoT again when its up / wears off.

I have to say, my partner and my own’s PvP skill is improving. We learn each others play style, learn how to pick targets and… assist each other during the battle should we are in trouble. Yea and… don’t look at the 3v3 =_= we had some disaster and lack of teamwork in there :( was 7-7 before, then turn inti 7-12 :/

I’m also learning how to render WoW models. WoW models are much more difficult and complex than FFXI, but regardless, I still like FFXI models better. Much more organized and… easier to understand in comparison to WoW’s model. So that’s how I rendered the above image!

For those that also plays WoW and enjoys 3d rendering, I used WoW Model Viewer –> Milkshape 3d –> 3ds to import it to 3ds as a max file for further rendering :) Anyway, 1656 makes my day ^^; Feel accomplished

End of report! :)

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