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Explanation of how SE Detects Cheating.

Beep – pokes your nose by Sara__Rose! How is it done? For those that aren’t technical savvy… just want to let you know about the FFXI logging system. I can’t say what I’m saying is completely right, but 95% sure they use this method, because I use something like this… at work to do the […]

Obtained: President of the United States.

RL TV of Obama > FFXI! (Click Image Larger View) Go Watch TV If you haven’t already done so… I mean… its the States getting their first African American president… that’s history. Most people including myself.. tends to ignore these things happening around them… because we are so emerged into the social and entertainment provided […]

FFXI Art Contest / Update.

Art Contest for Feb 08 by Nadou The Dec08 Patch / Fenrir News Blows Mai mind away. Its so awesome!!! Well awesome if you are SCH or DNC, but if not then well… lol. I don’t want to comment further but its a big bummer when people have time to play during Christmas and they […]

What Emoticons in FF Means?

Emoticons in Vid Game decoded What Emoticons means to you! This is so true :O! I talk like this >.> more or less… For those that don’t play FF, they are trying to tell a story with Emoticons (decoding it!) O}-<

Fascinating Video on “Video Game”

Video Game better than Life? Video Games better than Life Its stunning :O! It’s point out a few good facts. Video games are really blurring the lines between RL and E-Life Video game violence starting to look real, but then real violence starting to look like a video game. So true! How about… the graphics […]