Obtained: President of the United States.

FFXI Obama, Fan Art, Drawing

RL TV of Obama > FFXI! (Click Image Larger View)

Go Watch TV

If you haven’t already done so… I mean… its the States getting their first African American president… that’s history.

Most people including myself.. tends to ignore these things happening around them… because we are so emerged into the social and entertainment provided by the game we play. You’d probably know about every single bits of the patch update before you even know who the hell is your mayor. But there are times… that we should all really take those “Remember work school etc etc” warning message seriously. Real-Life Graphics > Your Video Card.

It took me a bit to transition from a FFXI addict to a balanced gamer =) To start actually noticing stuff around myself. Anyway…

You might even get 10k achievement points for watching TV! You never know :D

Gamer’s Food

I never really learned how to cook… until like a few weeks ago :3 (well now that I’ve actually got some spare time). So I learn how to cook simple-as-hell pasta. I know you can do it fancy, but for me its.. “I can raid on my laptop while cooking” style!

  1. Get Pasta, Get Classimo Sauce (Full Can), get a Green Pepper, Sausage, An Onion (Optional), Oil and Papper if you don’t even have them (I didn’t)
  2. Cut the Green Pepper and Some Onion
  3. Oven/Boil your Sausage as you wish. Whichever you feel you want to do. Chop it up when done.
  4. Boil the pasta, and for idiot like me who doesn’t even know when’s ready, just occasionally bite one of the pasta while you raid. If you can chew it, its good to go. Now put it aside.
  5. Now Go put some Oil into your pan… warm it.
  6. Pour everything you chopped into the pan, add some spices as you wish, but totally optional.
  7. Pour in your whole can of Classimo (or whatever Spaghetti Sauce)
  8. Wait a bit, now whenever you finish killing your next mob, pour your pasta in, stir.
  9. Fight a few more mobs… come back its ready to eat.

It lasted me 3 meals, looked like this, healthy as hell, beats buying McD (I live on top of one).

I’m VERY SURE you can make this while you wait for Salvage, Dynamis, Limbus, gathering for Sky, HNM pops… no problem.

Anyway, go watch some TV, make pasta! It’d be a good way to spend your Wednesday night!

3 Responses to “Obtained: President of the United States.”

  1. Jowah says:

    So…did you really ordered food only ?
    I always eat with family or cook myself, even at like 2-3AM++ if i get angry. It’s funny! Takes nothing to say “afk 10min-ish” while you play :p

    I have TV next to monitor, and i watch news and everything everyday D:

    Omg wtf you were really nerd <.<

  2. Kimiko says:

    Maiev! Jowah’s being mean again! =P~

    Still, with only a very limited cooking skill (mac & cheese 4tw), it’s easy to fall into the trap of just going out over and over again. I need to level my RL cooking skill.

  3. Maiev says:

    Yea… i really ordered food only.

    My family isn’t around :D plus its kinda hard to cook for yourself.. like wtf do u make :3…

    And yea… spend so much time cooking… I might as well use it to do something productive (although most things aren’t productive anyway such as vid games). Sitting there waiting stuff to fry up is too much work!


    Trying to lv my RL cooking now! (Hopefully better than my in-game cooking soon)


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