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FFXI in Active Time Bar (ATB from FF7) System

Like FF7? Wish it exists in FFXI? Well someone made it happen! Fenrir peeps too :) I love Fenrir vids! If you missed out, this is another vids made by Fenrir peeps! Its “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Destroyplanets, Fenrir too!

I’m sorry Tazo !

I just couldn’t resist … I laughed my head off here .. Tazo was fooling around with Maiden’s Virelai and succeeded with charm but soon after she lost charm she was charmed. So of course we all rush to engage Tazo .. Kinda sad I didn’t break 1k damage on her but oh wells.. it’s […]

Farkee v2.0 = Sieb?!

Live Performance So with the recent server move, we had a few more applicant in our pot! We took this new guy in call Sieb (Sibe’s pirated version) lol… anyway, he’s a 14 year old kid, he talks like Farkee, acts like Farkee, as silly as Farkee and sounds like Farkee.. l o l… Pretty […]

Rocked out Bugbear! (Lv75)

Ran in normally prepared. Rocked this guy out… & here’s the video of course :) A few things I know from this fight. He hits hard, nearly 300 per hit, not as bad as Fenrir… He had a ton more HP than Fenrir Sleepable Gravity and Bind start resisting later… So to fight this, I’ve […]

Einherjar Rocked!

So we did In-her-jar tonight. Rocked :) Last one was close too! We did Rossweisse Chamber! We got hounds and birds today! Rape the hounds, the random-pop NM and pull the boss. This boss took roughly 12 minutes. We had our KC dark as usual and the HP didn’t even dent lol! He did use […]