Farkee v2.0 = Sieb?!

Live Performance

So with the recent server move, we had a few more applicant in our pot! We took this new guy in call Sieb (Sibe’s pirated version) lol… anyway, he’s a 14 year old kid, he talks like Farkee, acts like Farkee, as silly as Farkee and sounds like Farkee.. l o l…

Pretty talented too… cuz the first time he hops on our vent.. he plays the Mario song hahaha… he said he practice a lot tonight and got it right, so I told him to play it again while I secretly record it with some “lame dance” from my taru!

Enjoy ;) Sieb’s Live Performance!

FFXI just got more fun! He really cracks me up! Hay, even Daranoon think he sounds like Farkee!

Update: Farkee and Sieb got each other’s AIM, and you don’t want to imagine what’s in the chat… “Hi Hoe”, “Hi Hottie” -_-; “Is Farkee Gay?” omg :x kiddies talk!

Btw, anyone still care about [GM]Dave? I’ve also found a really article by Talisien (/played) about World PvP, its a good read if you’re bored!

3 Responses to “Farkee v2.0 = Sieb?!”

  1. Talisien says:

    Thank you…/blush

    Oh and by the by thanks for introducing me to a “pingback”. Am I the only one who stares at my little blog stats page a little too much sometimes? It sends me E-mails too!

  2. raidenn says:

    Aww cute!

  3. Strawberrie says:

    That was cute and really talented on the musicians part.


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