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The Blizz Way of Patching the April 09 FFXI!

The April 09 FFXI Update Sad Prishe and mad Mandy! Lets start with the FFXI Rant/2c! There isn’t much to say… especially how there’s a whole disappointment thread on BG (Not every post is negative, but quite a lot). I did wait it out a bit and see review.. but guess after reading those reviews… […]

Fools Revealed & Lots More…

Happie April Fools (Check SS’s chat log LOL! Female Hunter)! Hello April Fools Well.. I’d like to say I’m sorry if I went overboard! It’s definitely one that is hard to see if it’s real or not. Knowing everyone who reads this blog knows a little or something about me…. I had to make this […]

WoW: Topping the Meter as Hunter 3.08

This post is about my WoW’s way of topping the parser. You might find some of the skills below that will be useful in FFXI =) Especially in soloing. But it is WoW centric, thought I’d throw this as a warning =) and a long read. Topping Meter in just one of the bosses! Mai […]

Britney’s WoW MTV and More!

Britney Spears – Piece of Me in WoW Model Video Game MTV’s Yea, it’s pretty hahaha and quite nice. Circus one is coming out soon from the same director :D You can watch his Teaser here XD A little on RMT/Gold Digging. A friend of mine in WoW got hacked. Well… he kinda used 3rd […]

WoW Humor & Zulu LS Drama

DROP! Oscar Award! HAHAHA I don’t feel bad about gaming moar now! In fact, I’m always glad I did :D I learn all about photoshop, coding, and computer all because of gaming! It facilitates learning IMO, from playing games! Maybe someday I’d win an Oscar hahaha! Anyway… So Oscar… I didn’t watch it either, but […]