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I finally got SOME Morrigan Piece(s)!

Mai Uber Morrigan Hands Lot… Friday Salvage: Mai’s 120+ Runs I don’t know about you but for me… but for me.. I’m used to “not getting shit” lol… but that’s finally changed for once cuz… I COMPLETED A DAMN PIECE of MORRIGAN. The damn Shoes… This wouldn’t have came in that smooth if Olorin haven’t […]

Duckies’ Love #5

Duckies’ Love #5 Love LAV Duckies #5 Our #5 Love.. I believe and its another Complete Full Drop!! LAWL Love Torque: Loot Whore Sibe (for 46pts) Novio Earring: To… Ravynne (for 60pts) Novia Earring: To Tazo (34pts) Lovely Polearm to Lovely Maiev :) So… Our love took.. 2hr to burn… not exactly quick but.. its […]

Arena Rank 1971, Nashira Hands!

Arena Ranking: 1971!! New High Arena Ranks :) This was my last week’s highest ranking :/ It dropped though, but it was nice to see that I can reach world ranking :o. With a 80% winning ratio, I got a whooping 800 Arena points :) An average player gets around 300… so woot :) Kinda […]

Love LAV Duckies!

Mai tanked 3% of Love okay! rdm/blm ;) Ducks’ #4 Jailer of Love The Love 3 months ago didn’t really… giv us any Love, so we’ve decided to hit up on Love again. Since duck linkshell kinda expanded ‘.’ we had quite a few first time JoL ppl, but I was glad they all did […]

Here comes the Bubian…

Ducks’ Divine Might So um… we did Divine Might… pretty sure most people did too. We had a decent setup! Kiters were mostly paired up with healers. As a result, I thought it’d take pretty long since we don’t really have DPS but… it turned out we killed it within 11mins (including CS time) with […]