Duckies’ Love #5

Full Drop, Jailer of Love, JoL, Fenrir, Maiev, DuckHUNT

Duckies’ Love #5

Love LAV Duckies #5

Our #5 Love.. I believe and its another Complete Full Drop!! LAWL

Love Torque: Loot Whore Sibe (for 46pts)
Novio Earring: To… Ravynne (for 60pts)
Novia Earring: To Tazo (34pts)
Lovely Polearm to Lovely Maiev :) So…

Our love took.. 2hr to burn… not exactly quick but.. its a good improvement for ducks… last time it was f-kin horrible..

Amazing White Mages’

One of the greatest improvement that members was able to spot was… our f-kin good WHM. I mean …. I’ve seen plenty of WHM but… Shayx and Aene just rocked out… they don’t have bloody good gear… but they have the skills and swiftness. Aene’s Cure V can beat a totally stacked up fast cast Cure 4… and I literally cast as soon as I saw HP being dented. Its because Aene pre-cast cures before spell lands, and the cure lands RIGHT AFTER ths spell hits the tank… so you’d see HP go white to yellow then instantly hit white again. It wasn’t just me who spotted it… even Tazo thought something was wrong lol… our RDM tank (Hellknight) didn’t die once… which was amazing… IMO.

Aene at any time… knows where hate was… which I thought was the amazing part, so she knows who will be taking damage next, hence already being ready to cure… its crazy. She would be announcing hate in party chat.. who got hate etc. I’ve never seen a WHM who have full knowledge of where hate was…

Shayx was different, she was on the balls with bar spells and buffs/clensing. Its just amazing… one is an expert with bar spells and clensing, one is just lighting reflexes in cures… that just makes up the best curing team lol… ALTHOUGH… there was TONS of overcure… but meh, overcure is better than no cure :) I’d rather overcure.

Oh… these two aren’t even Tarus… (Shayx is Elvaan, Aene is Mithra) their MP pool is certainly not sky rocking but… their skills just makes up for it.

So that concludes our crazy love coupled with crazy drop :) Together with crazy skilled people… starting to make this game crazy fun! OMG TOO CRAZY!

10 Responses to “Duckies’ Love #5”

  1. Jackalman says:

    Wow, 2 full love drops in a row — grats!

  2. Jowah says:

    WHM is a clear example of those jobs who can actually be the best even with shitty gear.
    I don’t have myself gorgeus stuff, but ….uhm, people say I’m very good.

    MP pool doesnt mean ANYTHING because being a good whm means also be smart with your spells. You’re not a RDM who can easily convert once in a while (im not saying rdm is easier or such, just pointing to the main difference)

    And gratz for the earrings, can I steal next Novio please ? D:

  3. Maiev says:

    I believe you’re a good whm.. else how’d you got into spike flail so easily :)

    Novio? Yea, just come as Jowah :) We have plenty of Novio these days… its going to drop on the floor soon…lol

  4. Sibe says:

    Loot whore pffft lol great jobs duckies!

  5. Bubian says:

    Aene is Mithra!!

  6. Bubian says:

    And forgot to add, yes, both are extremely excellent whm’s.

  7. Maiev says:

    You’re right =_= her dat changing habits got into my head :D
    lol :3

  8. Aramina says:

    I take great pride in my WHM skills and I really wish sometimes that I was over on Fenrir to do stuffs with you guys, but I have too many friends on Odin that I’d miss so much. If enough of them quit…. that’s another story.

    Anyway, Jowah’s definitely right. Great gear and loads of MP are never a bad thing, but being smart with your MP and definitely a really solid hMP build are key to late game WHM.

    I have been WHM in burns that were well over Chain 100 and lots of ppl tell me they’ve never seen that with WHM. I don’t think what I do is that fantastic, just that I care about being the best durn WHM that I can be. Pre-casting is almost a must in some fights because if you wait to react, someone is dead meat. I get a lot of props on my attention to status cures on key people, which is something I think a lot of people neglect…

    Anyway, congrats on your success and your loot, and if I ever decide to move servers, I’d really be interested in being a Duck if you’d take me!

  9. Maiev says:

    :O! haha that’s nice :) pretty confident there too!

    And yea, ducks can always use moar good WHM’s :) So… want a transfer? :)

  10. Veve says:

    Maiev ! The apocalypse is at hand ! I got involved in doing END GAME stuff on a regular base now such as HNM, Einherjar, Sea and yes… going to Dynamis more religiously than ever before :/ First time in 3 years I lotted anything else than RDM AF2 and got Koga Tekko !! loooool

    Where are you love, I miss you ; ;


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