Love LAV Duckies!

Maiev, Jailer of Love, RDM Tank, Red Mage, Fenrir, Al Taieu, JoL

Mai tanked 3% of Love okay! rdm/blm ;)

Ducks’ #4 Jailer of Love

The Love 3 months ago didn’t really… giv us any Love, so we’ve decided to hit up on Love again. Since duck linkshell kinda expanded ‘.’ we had quite a few first time JoL ppl, but I was glad they all did their homework in researching Love :)

Our love was tanked by Calignous (nin/drk) and Hellknight (rdm/nin). & I havta say they did a pretty good job. I… helped tank a bit too… like 2-3%? lol when I was kinda forced to due to err… unexpected death of our tanks :D

Our JoL probably took 2hrs 30min. We broke regen in about 30 minutes but… we kinda were lacking DD’s ‘.’ We had tons of mages burning ads but.. that was about it :)

How did it go?

Jailer of Love, Full Drops, JoL, Maiev, Fenrir, Al Taieu

Complete JoL Drop

Very nice :) Although I wish SohJai stop slacking and actually come to events but regardless…, more people popped on as they get back from school or work, and was accelerating the progress :)

Drops were… breathtaking. Vent blew up as soon as shit dropped cuz.. we got full Jailer of Love drop :)

Novio Earring went to Ciermel for 88 pts (each point is~ 3hrs of events)
Novia Earring went to Shayx for 32 pts
Love Torque went to Catalyst for 61 pts
Love Polearm went to Shunzi for 5 pts :)

Love LAV Duckies :) We were prepared to fight AV too ‘.’ but it didn’t pop :( but meh, I had a great day regardless :)

What made it better was “almost” everyone was happy with everything. It was nice to hear new members saying they enjoy the linkshell, old member saying stuff were sorted nicely and to people that was well deserved and… just in general, everything is on the right track :)

Hellknight, JoL, Charmed, MPK, Maiev, Fenrir

Charmed and killing Mai Tanks!

The Inactive Rule

So tonight was also my first time pulling out the “inactive rule”. Due to some previous drama that originated from Soboro, the sacks passed a linkshell rule where members must at least goto 2 out of the last 8 events to be eligible to lot on anything. You don’t have to show up for the whole event, just 10 minutes to show us your face to events. I’d like to think everyone in the linkshell are Mai friends that are willing to help each other out but… sometimes stuff isn’t as pretty as you think ._. Ohay, even my Salvage LS have something similar! Anyway, I’m happy because its another day without drama, time to sleep :)

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  1. Jackalman says:

    Grats on the full drops. When Bubian told me about it last night, I was very impressed. ^^

    DH seems like a pretty happening place these days.

  2. Calaera says:

    :) Grats on the full drops and making almost everyone happy!

  3. Sakurakun says:



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