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Fascinating Video on “Video Game”

Video Game better than Life? Video Games better than Life Its stunning :O! It’s point out a few good facts. Video games are really blurring the lines between RL and E-Life Video game violence starting to look real, but then real violence starting to look like a video game. So true! How about… the graphics […]

The Dark Bailout + The Guild EP’s!~

First thing first, check the “screenshot” of these item on ffxiah =_=; lol. Galkan Sausage Meat Mithkabob lol Pepperoni Pizza :D You get the point =P Not to FF related, but I find it funny ;) The Dark Knight + Bailout Plan :D Its SO WELL DONE lol. The Dark Bailout See more funny videos […]

Aquilo x5 in a row… & Some WoW Humor~

Holy Shit Self explainatory. Wow lol… And yea, I’m still doing good :D Just playing a ton less due to an extremely busy work schedule! Hopefully when class ends, I’d have time to commit a little bit more, but I do miss blogging and reading about it :3 WoW Mocking FF So here’s some of […]

World of Warcraft live-in

WTF is this? Read it here or here. (In case its taken off, here it is below) Thanks Cloud for the News rofl! PS: I think I’m a pretty good fit for the posting xD! World of Warcraft live-in – 27 (Charlotte) Reply to: [email protected] Date: 2008-08-18, 9:55PM EDT I am looking for someone who […]

World of World of Warcraft Released!

I thought World of Warcraft is good, damn World of World of Warcraft so beats World of Warcraft and even the World of Warcraft Expansion. I LAV World of World of Warcraft! Going to quit World of Warcraft to play World of World of Warcraft! Oh yea.. for those that haven’t watch Keynote for iPhone […]