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Friendship in FFXI.

Shamu IRL! Shamu – a random MMO friend to a real friend. I don’t know how much you care or value friends that you make in FFXI, but I do care about them beyond FFXI if they mean something to me. Well today, I was just watching this video on YouTube of how a random […]

Mario Kart DS Party ^^;

I figure I shouldn’t start WoW either way, I couldn’t get myself to click the create character button :( o well. I guess its jus FFXI or nothing (I’ve also already uninstalled WoW, in case I get tempted to play. Anyway, Yesterday I went to drink bubble tea with some real life friends (which also […]

Going Away… to Movies!

1st thing, I went to see two movies these days, the Descent and Snakes on a Plane, I personally like Snakes better because its some mixture of some freakyness and laughter. Its pretty funny I must say getting bite from Snakes. Lets just say they bite “Interesting parts” :D I’ll leave it up to your […]

Hiatus from the StarOnion

Um, added a new song, its a piano version of some of the FF7 music that I really like. Anyhow I’ll be travelling, but I could get online�for�synthesis upon request (like short ones, eg login at Starbucks etc). If you have a crafting request, you can either /t Eeto, Sohjai, Tazo and tell them to […]