Mario Kart DS Party ^^;

I figure I shouldn’t start WoW either way, I couldn’t get myself to click the create character button :( o well. I guess its jus FFXI or nothing (I’ve also already uninstalled WoW, in case I get tempted to play. Anyway,

Yesterday I went to drink bubble tea with some real life friends (which also plays FFXI). Eeto Sohjai Sohmui Cus Tazo and I, plus a few others were also there. Guess what, we had so many DS, we had a nice DS party :D

Stacks of Wii, Mario Kart DS Party

We loaded them up all with Mario Kart! haha

DS Light in Stacks, Mario Kart DS Party

We had lots of fun! I tell ya, Nintendo DS is contagious! Another friend is going to get a DS too, and maybe also Cus (who wanted to get PSP at first, because he like sports game)!

DS > PSP ^^; kthx

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PS: I started reading about digg so thought I’d pull some interesting gaming news into my blog from time to time :D

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  1. mirith says:

    Bubble tea! :oops: Love it

    Hahaha looks like you’re having fun with the NIntendo DS, but I must say! Nerds! hehehe I bet the guy with the black one thinks he is one cool cat


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